Women & Men's Tipz on Blitz - 2022 - Year 13 - Congrats to Donslaught9

Welcome to 2023 Tipz on Blitz! - TO START LATER…

Here we go again. Last year we saw a new winner in this illustrious competition. I’ve setup the tipz for 2022 and it’s set to go. Those who were with us last year need not join again but you will need to ‘reactivate’ your account if you haven’t logged in since last year.

Those who are new and wish (or those who have previously ignored me) are welcome to join. Please follow the instructions below.

Those who do not wish to play again this year please email me through footy tips and i’ll remove you or remove yourself


There is no entry fee (Yep it’s free!)

What’s the prize? Eternal glory on Bomberblitz as a tipz winner! Like a Premiership tough luck if you end up second.

Places are based on most tipped correctly. If drawn on tips it will come down to margin.

TO JOIN follow the link below;

Australia’s largest tipping site

password is: bomberblitz

If you forget to put your tips in this year you will now automatically tip all the away teams for the round. This has changed from the previous two years.

There are no joker rounds (i.e. no double points scenario for a nominated round).

Competition ends not on the grand final but the last game of the home and away season.

Draws are still considered a correct tip irrespective of who was tipped. Can’t change this on their system.

If you have any additional questions or prefer an email invitation please PM me your email or leave me a reply.

Additional: I’m fairly sure you can enter multiple competitions through the footy tips website & you’re able to have different names display through the different comps you may be in. To make life easier, change you nickname to your bomberblitz one!

Good luck everyone and hope you join!

Previous Winners

2022 - Donslaught9
2021 - Strewth
2020 - COVID19
2019 - klawdy
2017 - whatsimonsays
2016 - Yossarian
2015 - DODGA
2014 - Swoodley
2013 - Cale
2011 - Bomberfan101
2010 - Fogdog

Go dons!


I’m in

Thanks for setting it up mate


I’m in.

Can’t work out the below.

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What’s the league name?

Never mind. In

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Get in!

Two hours till it all starts

Hope everyone tipped Adelaide this week.

LOL at me being 2nd last.

But I’m still learning the gameplan.

I hate Thursday games. I never bloody remember

Still, bulldogs win it’s a good result for me i suppose

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I was up to 9th a couple of weeks ago. Off the map now.

This is my worst season yet. But i just realised my nemesis is on the same score as me. C’mon @swoodley!

My ‘never tipping Essendon all year’ strategy is going rather well in 2022.

I’m second last and the person in last hasn’t tipped all year.

I’m not sure what you’re looking at…I just checked the ladder and it says I’m 2 in front of you :partying_face:

(slow response due to a six day break out bush)

1 tip in it going into the final round

Congratulations to @Donslaught9 for being the Bomberblitz Tipz winner 2022!

Tipped 9 in the last round too to blow the competition away.


After round 2 I started tipping losers rather than winners.

Pretty sure I scored higher than last year.

I’m no good at this

Thanks @Soulnet - some absolute fluke in getting 9/9 in the last two rounds is the only reason I got up. DON_THE_SASH, I’m so sorry … you definitely deserved the win with consistently good tipping all year.

Are we going to do finals or leave it there? If not, look forward to 2023.

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