Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Get out.

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rack off


Is this the review thread?


Can not possibly stay. There is none of this crap like “look what happened when they stuck by Buckley and Hardwick”. We are miles off it, at least they were there abouts after a couple of years, we are so far behind it will take a generation for us to get good again. We are heading into Bulldogs territory of 1 GF every 40 years


Yeah, its time

Do it quick

This is the thread that should contain a link to a petition to sack John Worsfold


He’s gotta go. That was insipid. That’s a playing group not playing for the coach. Reminiscent of the dog days of Knights at the end.


Stop going to games and hit the club where it hurts. I won’t be attending another game whilst he is there and hope everyone else does the same


I am the most reactionary c**t ever, but a sober me even agrees

See ya. Absolutely pathetic


I’m not actually against sacking him before the weekend is out.


clubs already got most of their money, people have already paid for memberships.

I ageee,
Time for a boycott until changes are made, ■■■ this

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Someone Start a change.org petition for the lols.



There is no sign that we have a plan, or a ‘brand’, desire to compete, or any fundamental football skills whatsoever.

Despite improving the list on paper, we have gone backward in virtually every way a team can go backward.

The players don’t seem to be playing with any intent, even after last weeks shitfest, which is a trademark sign of poor leadership which starts and ends with the coach.

I don’t think Worsfold has given any indication in his time that he actually gives a fark and he strikes me as a guy who has accidentally landed a job that he never wanted in the first place.

The board should be preparing to replace the coach as we speak


You’d think he would know and would step down.

Do the honourable thing woosha - i would really respect you if you walked.

Xav has to go too. No reason he should have been extended.

I also want a spill of the board.


And the people I blame for this are the ■■■■■■■ happy clappers who are willing to accept this mediocrity and be like “well you can just leave”.

If it wasnt for passionate ■■■■■■■■■ like us this ■■■■ poor ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■ of a club would be in an even bigger mess. This club is totally totally ■■■■■■ and now we have traded away the #1 pick as well.

But please, tell me happy clappers how this is all part of the plan and we will have egg on our faces


Kind of agree but who else is out there? Also doesn’t help that our captain is a fucken surfer ■■■■ and not an AFL footballer! And zaharakis can ■■■■ off too.

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Wtf is Woosha doing patting the player off the ground. Where the **** is the anger and disappointment.

The players looks like they have lost everything.