Woosha – final moments or finals moment?


This is still the equivalent of being coached by the opposition, either motivated by the humiliation delivered the week before or the idea of being humiliated by the opposition coming up. This makes sense given that we’ve had no consistency and that Woosh is espousing the player led mantra.

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Ive lost my patience - I was happy to give him a go.

No game plan. Teams play players behind the ball (see geelong this year, carlton the last two times we lost to them, the hawks etc) and we just try to bomb the ball in. Then, when we do get the ball inside 50 we sit the ball on blokes heads.

The only thing we do well is run and carry. And, thats only when the opposition allow us too.

We constantly look slow, flat and unmotivated.

Its time for change.


That is all that saved the Ahole last year, why do we have to wait till Round 17, get rid of Xavier Campbell as well and bring Hirdy back now


Do any coaching?.. I think there might be a job coming up soon…

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Bring back Hird??? Fark me. As if the club isn’t a big enough joke already.
Move on people, he’s not coming back


No. It’s about sacking Worsefold mid season who would replace him. That’s when Sheedy was mentioned, only because he’s already in the club.

I’d legit prefer Skipworth to Sheedy and I want Skioworth no where near the senior coaching role.



No point in playing finals the way we have over the past 18 years. There is no value to it at all.

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IMO it can’t happen soon enough. I can’t stand him. I never wanted him appointed, he was the AFL choice IMO, and I cant wait to see him go.


Raz is Gumbleton mark 6.

We didn’t do that with Knights.
Peter Jackson chose Knights, had some others present so it looked like we had done due diligence, then he appointed Knights.
That was the beginning of the end.
Keeping Sheedy would have been better than appointing Knights.
At the time, during the last 12 years, and now.

I had understood this to be common knowledge from information that came out from Peter Sumich and Damien Hardwick.
They both felt the club had already chosen their guy after they presented.
You get the sense it was a little bit like a date where the other person says “well, it was nice to meet you”.


We will get beaten tactically against Richmond and Hawthorn, despite appearing to be well placed to beat both on talent.

We’ll probably be exposed for effort (again) against Carlton and we’ll fall over the line against Fremantle with ten minutes of good footy in the last quarter.

We’ve seen this film before, and it will be painful watching it again over the next month, prepare yourselves for 4-8 or 5-7 and the same circular conversations.


I’m stoked if I get that far, given the confusion created by my George Clooney lookalike photo and weeks of erotic online sex-talk, compared to the reality of the short hairy rotund rodent looking creature in front of her.
Geez babe, you say I betrayed your trust but why do you think I have ewok jedi as my username?


He has only one game plan.

Unfortunately a game plan doesn’t just revolve around your own team, there is an opponent and a game plan needs to depend also around what your opponent does.

It’s pure neglect, arrogance and ignorant to expect only to work on your own game plan without making game day changes to combat your opposition.

Opposition coaches know we work from the half back line with run and carry. So they block the corridor which is the fastest transition into the forward line and they play a loose man in defence because we just bomb it in long to a dysfunctioning forward line very easy to dissect for opposition coach



If every opposition coach knows it, and if even the hoi polloi like us know it, how come Worsha doesn’t know it?


Reminds me when Knights was coaching


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