Woosha – final moments or finals moment?


oh ■■■■.
i forgot hahahaha

there is nothing left :frowning:

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But you’re right. Unless our revival starts this weekend, we are better off coming bottom 4 so no more cracks are papered over with a late season run when the pressure is off.

He’s a one eyed Whoosha game plan fan. His way or the highway. You don’t like it well f**k off then.

Maybe we could swap Woosha for the number one pick?


A top 5 pick going to GWS at the end of the year, will just be the cherry on top


Sydney were 1 and 6 and holding up the ladder. I couldn’t give a flying farck what the stats said about them. We should have beaten them no argument, they were without Buddy to boot!

Here we go more fkg excuses. We are shitt and people need to realise that.

Who have we beaten this year?

Who have we lost to this year?

What is our game style when our offensive game plan is taken to the sword by a team willing to play a defensive structure against us.

What does the coach do when that happens, - SFA .

Only when the club deals with the fact that we are crap and either move the coach, sack some fkg useless players or hopefully a combination of both.

I’m sick of following a poor performing team. What’s with some people here, always making excuses and grasping at straws. We have wasted another fkg season FFS!

I really hope to see some change at the end of this year cause I reckon I’m done, cooked, stick a fork in me all that crap.

There’s only so much I can take. This club has bled me dry since 2000, if for whatever reason I stay committed we won’t be resuming as High Mark members. I suspect I won’t be the only one either.


and that is what really irritates me how the media conveniently forgot all the stories they did on other clubs great fitness/supplements regimens & decided to latch onto the AFL scapegoats Essendon & of course the business rivalry between AFL’s mate’s company Bastion & Hird’s company Gemba …I don’t think we need to look too hard to understand why Hird was the one who had to take the brunt & not people like Hamilton who was actually Robinson & Dank’s boss !!!


which is why I dropped the silver membership couldn’t justify the expense for no return


All the assistant coaches work in unison (obviously) to best implement the game plan approved by the Head Coach (surely). They bring ideas to the table and if approved (by the Head Coach) then focus on implementing those ideas
They must be innovative and excellent communicators. They Must continually contribute to the system (surely).
Is that how it works? Serious question.
Ultimately the Head Coach runs the show and must be held accountable. If the assistants are not putting in they are moved on (surely).
Our current plan which appears to be easily picked apart by good teams is the responsibility of Worsfold.
My point is the assistant coaches whilst extremely important are only as good as the overall game plan allows them to be.
We could bring in the best forward coach in the business but it would make little difference if the rest still play the same.
The buck stops with Worsfold. He either changes tack, changes personnel or falls on his sword. Or is there another element(s) to this I have no idea about (probably). Is Worsfold under the direction/influence of others?

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Funny that, I’ve never looked at my hard earned pumped into the club from a ROI perspective.
ASX yes, EFC no.


The only thing the club can do now, short of sacking Worsfold (which would be a massive PR disaster) is do what Pies, Tigers and Saints have done and sack entire coaching staff around the head coach and fill them with assistant coaches who have been good at other clubs.

Lol. The only thing the club can do is sack the entire coaching staff except Worsfold? And that wouldn’t be a PR disaster?

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@Hawcazzo’s gone ape.

Curiously, as pronunciation is a topical subject this week, how do I pronounce Hawcazzo?

Is it Hor-Cat-so or Hor-Casso?

I personally prefer Hor-Cat-So. Three syllables with the emphasis on ‘Cat’ sounds better.

Funny as in silly? Trying to understand your thoughts on this as I am doing exactly what Helen did.
The way the team has performed since 2000 has me questioning why I pay upwards of $1000.00 for our family High Mark memberships.
The way the team and coach are performing has me questioning why I should continue to pump money into the club, certainly at the same rate as I’ve done over the last 20 years or so.
This is a value analysis same as a stock trade or return on the ASX.

Right now the value equation is not there, and tbh hasn’t been since 2000.

If the club takes some positive steps and has some “learnings”about wtf is going on, I may reconsider.

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Nope, as mentioned, it has happened elsewhere.

I am talking about at seasons end, not now.

Well it is corporate crap, so maybe we can tell X we aren’t liking our ROI. Maybe that will get him listening???


If it’s Italian it is How-Cart-so


How-Cart-So? Hadn’t considered that. Thanks.