Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Fair-e-bread. In case anyone was wondering.


So the emphasis is on the the ‘e’?

Bugger me. I’ve been saying it wrong all along.

Correct pronunciation is Horcutso one word :wink:.
Ive explained before but it’s an Italian play on words on how a bunch of wog schoolboys we used called Glen Hawker whenever he got the ball. Instead of Hawker ! it would be Hawcazzo !

Now I’m not fussed how you wish to pronounce it as I’m happy either way just like Orazio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yes I have gone ape cause at years end ( realistically it wont happen anytime sooner) it’s time for this coach to go - Mannaggia ! (translation FFS!)

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Horcutso. Interesting.

Not, as some who live in Wimmera Street Box Hill pronounce it, Wimaira, and definitely not Wimairia.

Far out. I’ve been pronouncing it 'Wimm-er-a" since 2005.

That’s only the Horsham pronunciation. Others in the Wimmera give it three syllables, as per the Fan ta sia style of giving equal emphasis to each syllable.

There could be a cultural divide along pronunciation lines in the region. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Wimm-er-a sounds like you’re respecting the totality of the name.

Could be connected to the prevalence of flies in certain areas.

Wors a fold kinda has ring about it

I don’t mind people pronouncing the middle syllable, if they want to put on…ha! airs, just as long as they don’t emphasise it.

It’s still Wimmera, not Wimmera.

Not silly, but odd.
You buy CSL shares on the ASX before record date of 14 March 2019 and $1.20 jumps in to the till.
You buy an EFC membership on 14 March 2019 to monetarily support EFC in expectation of what distribution?
Is it based on wins, flags, good times spent with family, bagging the umps with your mates when we lose, perpetuating the loyalty started by your old man, taking your kids to Windy Hill getting jumpers signed etc.
I don’t see the same value analysis.

that wank sock fella

Me too.

i fully expect the club to hold the line on Worsfold, despite my personal thoughts. I’d actually be shocked if he was removed at all before sometime in 2020 but if he was, I think we’d have to look at Caracalla, Ratten or Mitchell (:face_vomiting:) It needs to be a bold move designed to bring about serious change. Don’t be surprised if Sumich is brought in next year as an assistant.


where is Sumich these days? Would he be an addition because Worsfold wants him or someone else does?

Is Sumich in any way tactically astute? If so, great bring him in (he couldn’t possibly be worse than what we have). If not, fk it, he can go in the cannon too…

Mitchell? :frowning:


A consistent performing team that displays heart and fights to win each week. To see some kids get games over non performing coach favourites. And ultimately finals and premierships that’s what I want to see.
But what is odd to me is that I pay $1000.00 per year and don’t enjoy what I’m seeing and hearing. I do this cause I love my club, but the love is waning.
The passion I once had is gone, it’s more out of habit that I go each week. Now the cynics amongst you will say we’ll stop going, and why do you chat on this forum.

My answer is that right now I am desperately trying to regain the passion. Be it by going to the games or engaging on this forum.

To me now, the EFC membership cost is a value based package. I m not seeing a return on the high cost of my membership.

Anyway enough said as we are off topic, but if the coach doesn’t turn the fkg SSTitanic around before I cancel or at best significantly downgrade my membership package then he can farck right off.


If you want to go left field and try to get immediate results you could go for Ross Lyon. The guy is ruthless. He also maximises the strengths of his average players. Hell his team made it to a Gaf with Zac Dawson as his KPD!

Can you imagine our one way running midfield having to front up to Ross Lyon during and after games. Oh baby!