Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

So long as Tanner, as President, does not delegate ALL of the powers and functions vested to him under the AFL Constitution ( including voting rights) to the CEO.

Not saying I would sak him now, but coaches won’t get sacked until attendances are well down, in our case, I reckon a few 20k games in a row would force the board to move.

Also, if we did sack, we’d need to pay him out under that dept cap as well? No chance we’d do that. I reckon he’ll see out his contract.

If we sack him, I hope we hire Mark Neeld. Just in spite of Blitz… or we hire Clarko / Caracella who makes David Myers captain.


I’m sure then that you would have enjoyed the bit where he tried to say the consistency of the team he has coached can only be judged upon 1 year and 9 rounds and you can’t include 2016 and 2017 in that?

Apparently we ran the last centre bounce with 17 players and David King (yeah I know) is calling it an act of tactical genius. I don’t really get it, but whatever!

Did he watch that from THE WAR ROOM?

We are not that good

We rely on too few players. When they fire we are dangerous but when they are suppressed/ go missing we really struggle


The main players in our midfield are


Don’ t forget Smith was a powerhouse last year but injured this year

Stringer mcgrath parish guelfi and maybe Tippa have spent time there too for brief periods

I don’t include Langford because he is playing in the vfl but he is no great player

I believe Merrett hurts the opposition the most

If Shiel could kick goals and hit targets he would be sensational

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Surprised the umpires didn’t notice 17 players attending the centre bounce, on second thought the umps are blind on their best day.

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Yeah I heard too. Look cut him slack for his first year. I said at the time he was maybe the right guy to bring into the club and steady the ship immediately post the saga.
But that should have been it , 2 years max job was done. He clearly wasn’t up to it from a tactical perspective and had to be coaxed from all reports anyhow. His extension was wrong and the club has failed us all in extending us contract.

That said it’s time he was moved on at years end, I realise he won’t be sacked anytime soon barring an absolute catastrophy but the way this season is panning out who knows ?

when they do sack him, can we all please just run with, he is simply being “managed”.

we prolly lose to freo, then we play richmond which is another loss, then carlton.

I reckon if we get rolled by carlton again it may happen then. Surely the fallout would be to great and enormous for it not to result in his sacking.

payout or not, fine for exceeding the coaching cap next year, who cares you would surely lose more money keeping him around just to save dollars on a sheet of paper at the end of the day.

Injuries are definitely not going to help him and hopefully they will speed up the sacking process.

We have TWO all australians in every section of the ground, actually three in the midfield. Thats 7 all australians. Hurley, hooker, shiel, heppell, merrett, stringer, daniher

We then have these following players

McGrath (number 1 pick)
Parish & francis (top 10 picks)
Orazio (gun)
Tippa (excitement)
Saad (very good)
Devon smith (gun)

Thats 14 farking players who are very, very decent players. Its NOT a talent issue. Its 20000000% a development and coaching issue. Thats not even listing reasonable players like zaka, ridley, mckenna and our other two first round picks in Langford and Laverde

If worsfold cannot win a final with these blokes he’s done. Its disgusting we are not pushing top sides this year

7 farking AA players, and talent everywhere, and we are 3-5. How anyone thinks he is the right man is beyond me


It’s literally a treasure chest for our next coach. But need to sack Woosha ASAP so that the next coach gets a proper crack with them


Win a final? We will be lucky to get into the 8!!


I don’t think there is any rule which states you must have 18 players on the field at all times ie you can have 17 or less, and sometimes teams are forced to. Hence 6+6+5 is not against the rules.
What the AFL need to consider is whether the 18th player flying on after the bounce needs to first go to the zone where he would have lined up prior to engaging in the play. That will be a nightmare to adjudicate.
It would be easier if they designate a 6+5+6 setup in the case of 17 on the field where the wing nearest the interchange has the unmanned opposition player ie hence there is no advantage.

So the opposition is forced to put a player near the interchange and wait for the other bloke to come on?

im waiting for a team to place both wingers on the same side at the centre bounce then get your ruckman to smash the ball to the 2 on 1 …no rule saying you have to have 1 on each side of the square?

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Wasnt tactical genius, more that someone forgot to come on the ground.

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If you have the dominant ruckman, the opposition winger will follow you and you’ll have a 2 on 2. If the opposition has the dominant ruckman, they’ll let you do it because they’ll end up with a lone winger and a decent chance of winning the tap-out.

No, that’s why it would become an advantage for the team with 18 players. The 2 wingers on each team can stand anywhere within their zone ie on the centre square line or closer to the boundary. It’s that team’s (or spare player’s) choice. So they can decide whether to man up near the interchange or start closer to where the ball is.
With no modification the 17 player team has a possible advantage if they win the centre clearance and get it out wide to the interchange player who is streaming forward.