Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Mostly true, but even when we’re going well…I don’t understand Essendon memberships.

Points acknowledged but some of us never make that enjoyment assessment, it’s more like we’re going.

For a lazy $22K you can have all that and more at the SCG.


It’s a little cheaper at AAMI.

Like I said, am I buying a season ticket or not?
A season ticket means I go when I want and bugger off with all your palaver.

Does AAMI have full strength beer though?

Couldn’t tell you.
They have full strength bourbon.

The $22K is to the skip the wait list. Then you pay $1500 a year. Forgot that detail.

I understand that.

I would go to every game if I could.





Interesting fact.
LMW was born 16/10/2000.

It’s almost like “return” can be non monetary. So can investment.

I invest a fair bit of money and emotion and my return for the last while has been frustration and dashed hopes

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Just watched his presser from today. I guess he’s learnt (or been told) to stop saying about the learnings as these weren’t mentioned once.

But his new buzz word is build, building this, building that, building together, even Ross Lyon is building a good squad.

Blah Blah fkg blah ! I am so over this bloke not one bit of inspiration. Although he did say when asked about this week’s game yes we’re a good chance we’re playing. Can you belive this :poop:?

FFS this is now getting to Knights era proportions if in fact we’re not already there.


Johnathon Brown now has me more worried. He says if he was the Essendon forwards coach he would be getting stuck into the midfield for their poor delivery. Does this mean the head Coach is not involved or just Woosha is not involved?

Which code do you like more? If you have a favourite.

Other than the Storm, I couldn’t with any confidence tell you another NRL team in the eight.
I’d give you ten Storm premierships for one Essendon one.


How old are you? I reckon I’ve experienced more periods of failure with this club than you have.


I’m cuttin Woosha some slack. Yes Myers needs to go & Darcy needs a extended run as the pivot…get that, but injuries and maggots have farked us over big time so far this year. i can’t lay that at Woosha’s feet, its outside his control, we SHOULD be 5 and 3 and no problemo.

However, if the Maggot BIAS did not exist and it 100% does AND has for a long time, certainly well before the saga thats where we would be…5 and 3 !!!.

AFL should have made the germs accountable over the years and the BIAS would have disappeared, they didn’t and it hasn’t. Sheeds calling the Maggots Aliens was not received well in maggot town and Hirdy calling them cheats ( rightly so IMO ) certainly iced the cake for the EFC shaftings over the last 10 years or so.

Yes, I know they are paid thousands of dollars for each game they umpire and should at least have the intelligence to be equitable with their incompetence. The PC AFL not making them accountable for their incompetence and bias over the years is coming home to haunt them ( the AFL ) and the EFC has been butt raped in particular…thanks Sheeds. I mean, Ray Chamberlain FFS, wot a tool that man is how the fark is he tolerated at all let alone their main man…FMD.

Going forward, I’m just gunna boo the fark out of them as soon as they come out on the ground. Fark the precious tiny yellow maggots pissants, they can all GAGF’d !!!

PS: X is going alright. If anyone should be havin a dip at Gill its Tanner not X. He is employed to manage the clubs people & day to day business. Issues like the Rampie one should be coming from the Chairman not the CEO if you ask me

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No. He’s been discussing building this year already. It’s just that so many supporters have been told the damn things been built they’ve stopped thinking for themselves.

If you guys really want woosha gone you need to start making some noise

take one of my other teams as inspiration - one of the main intersections in Chi town

Storm are great with their value for membership and communication. I hold a basic membership with storm, give them a fraction of what I “invest” in EFC year on year yet in some ways I feel much more connected to Storm. It’s weird how EFC which has been part of me since I was born can in some ways be usurped by a team that didn’t exist until 1997, 20 years after my affinity with EFC started.