World Headed for next Major Extinction Event

You be reading Andrew Marr

Mrs Doe and I were actually chatting about this the other night. Natural selection and survival of the fittest no longer applies to humans.

Although I do hold out hope these oblivious morons walking with faces glued to their phones will be obliviated*. I’d call it natural elimination.

*it’s not a word but it should be

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It’s definitely a word mate, and well used. Speaking of, the latest in Scumo’s efforts to obliviate environmental issues from the electorates minds. Lying bastardrasp

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Just shows what little regard the Tories have for the truth. They would lie about anything to get their snouts back in the trough.

And why not? The MSM will not hold them to account.

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cheers - well so much for trusting my computer dictionary. Should have stuck with my natural instincts.

The guy is a happy clapper, isn’t he? Would he break the commandment which tells him not to lie?

If he lies and profits from the lie then God has approved his interpretation of the commandment on this occasion.


there is no god
only zoul

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There is Xenu.

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Some humans are just…

Ute driver who filmed himself mowing down emus gets 42 days in jail

May 9, 2019 — 1.43pm

A man who mowed down emus on an outback road and posted a video of it online has been sentenced to 42 days in jail by a Victorian court.

Jacob Scott MacDonald was sentenced in Mildura Magistrates Court on Thursday over the sickening attack on Pellaring Road at Cowangie, in Victoria’s north west in September last year.

Video was posted on social media, sparking a nationwide manhunt before police charged MacDonald with animal cruelty and traffic offences.

Embedded video

7NEWS Adelaide :heavy_check_mark: @7NewsAdelaide

Speaking exclusively to 7 News, Jacob MacDonald speaks of his regret after being accused of running down a mob of emus in a video that went viral. The 20-year-old has been charged with multiple offences, including causing cruelty to an animal. @laurenrosevj #7News


7:40 PM - Sep 22, 2018

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Believed to be filmed from a smartphone attached to the steering wheel, it appears to show a man speeding towards the emus on a dirt road.

The footage shows a man laughing while running over several emus in a 4WD.

He’s heard saying “f—ing emus” before the animals appear on the screen.

Up to 13 emus can then be seen being mown down by the car as they run for their lives.

AAP, with Melissa Cunningham

They should shoot this ■■■■■■■■.


That prick should have got years, not days


That’s farking horrific. What the fk is wrong with some people.

Agree with Ben. Lock him up and throw away the key

never sure what people mean by climate change. The climate always changes it is either getting warmer or cooler and you cant stop that. Running around rabbiting about climate change makes no sense.

Exactly. The climate is changing. It’s the first time i’ve ever mentioned it on the internet. Is that considered rabbiting on?

This is going to end well


What are you rabbiting on about? There’s no such thing as the internet.

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Then what have i been doing for the last 15 years?

Well I’m not going to look up your search history.


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