Worst Bon Bon Jokes

What do you call a horse wearing pyjamas?
A zebra.

l don’t know if they can get any worse than that.

What’s Vladimir Putin’s favourite Justin Timberlake song?

Crimea River.

Quoted Post

What's Vladimir Putin's favourite Justin Timberlake song?

Crimea River.

Joe Cocker’s version is better.

How do you know it’s midnight in the Michael Jackson mansion?
When the big hand touches the little hand.

What do you call an Eskimo cow?

An eskimoo.


Why are cops so strong?

Because they can hold up traffic…

One time my cousin got a cigarette butt in a Bon Bon. No joke.

Where’s does Dracula keep all his money?

In the Blood Bank

What cream do eskimo’s eat…

Ice- cream

What do Eskimoes use for money?


I got that one a few years ago and I still don’t get it.

I was stoked to get:

"what do you call a boy with a shovel in his head? Doug "

Because it allowed me to follow up with the hilarious sequal to that gag.

What do you get when you cross a sheep with a kangaroo?
A wooly jumper.

What is Pete Sampras’ favourite dish?
Bangers and smash.

Why did the chewing gum cross the road
Because it was stuck to the chicken.

How do you keep cool at a footy game?
Stand next to a fan.

I’ll get my coat now…

Why did the golfer bring a second pair of pants?

In case he got a hole in one

So this has just turned into a ■■■■■ joke thread?

Today we got:

What do reindeers hang on the christmas tree?


Can only assume it was meant to be “Hornaments” unless they are just putting factual information in this stuff now.

What do lawyers wear to court?

Why did the bull have a bell around his neck?
Because her horn was broken

Yep - it said her horn.

What kind of pants do clouds wear?