Would like to see Tippa or Fantasia hit this mark

Reading through this article. I d love to see a Bomber as the first to reach this mark.

Yeah it’s just numbers but if a forward has fifty goals and 100 tackles in a season, he’s has a pretty good year. Never been done, apparently

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Ablett will achieve it this year

I don’t think Walla will ever kick 50 goals.

I don’t think fanta will ever achieve 100 tackles

Jason Porplyzia. There’s a player I haven’t thought about in quite some time.

He’s not currently much of a tackler, but if Stringer starts playing genuine midfield minutes, he might have it in him. There’s a lot of cheap tackles to be had at stoppages.

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Yeah this could be a real possibility. Strong body at a lot of stoppages. Not sure if he’ll kick fifty, but I’d love to see it.