Would you rather?

Apologies if this already somewhere on the forum, but I’m bored… Answer the question and then post your own…

Would you rather… Become a Fark Carlton fan or stick a pin through your left testicle?

What if you’re a woman?


I would rather stick a pin in my left and right testicles.

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Find a guy, stick a pin through his nut and assess whether it seems worse than barracking for fark Carlton.

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Become a ■■■■ Carlton supporter or sleep with fat ba$tard off Austin powers

Support Fark Carlton or give Gil a BJ. Boys and girls can both play.

Support Fark Carlton or become Tony Abbott’s love slave

Whilst making love to your significant other, Matthew Richardson sits on a chair next to the bed playing with himself. Would you rather he was laughing hysterically or crying hysterically?


I think you should just apologise for making this one.

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Easy answer.

Get me that pin.

Be uncomfortably hungry or uncomfortably full?

Oh, fine.
Carlton finish winless for the season or Essendon play Carlton in the last round and win by 107 points, causing them to miss the finals by one point.

That sounds way more evil & devastating, … so … this.

I would rather be 50 than 60.