Ye Olde VFL MegaThread — August 2013 to December 2015

Thought I would get the VFL ball rolling...


I really appreciate the loyal VFL fans that do their thing week in week out and endure the Vic weather to bring us all the updates. I live in Colombia so fair to say that it‘s a little difficult for me to shoot down to Windy Hill or where ever. You guys are my best source of info.


Given Cramers is now VFL bound I would love to get a close bird‘s eye view from the faithful VFL watches. I would say that he is the most important player not in the best 22 at the minute. He is super important to our AFL finals crack and I would appreciate any comments on his game.   

Blatant push on Steinberg ignored (one motion my arse) and they get a point.

Stevie starts a YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING chant.

Long evasive skills demonstrated on the wing.

Terrific goal from Browne there.


We get the next clearance too but KAV kicks straight to them.

Shocking kick from the backline for them is intercepted. To Tardew #9 (?) and he pops it over to FatArse.

Thompson converts from thirty out.


Excitement for a change. Browne given the ball in the centre square, runs to 45 and slots it!


Van Unen watch essential.

Any info on Muller as ruck? Is this the first time we have seen him?

Strong side.
Midfield bolstered with experience of howlett hocking and Zaka running through there.

Plus have long tippa and kommer as small forwards, should be creative forward setup.

there will be pressure on mids in seniors to stand up Hope kav has a good game.

Howlett not named in the side on the EFC website.

Very odd. Essendon website has Schroder as Ruck Rover but VFL website has Howlett.

Aha! I missed the Port Langford.

Ended up at Port Wotdarfuk.

Three Langfords on the field. DJR is going to have fun...


Jack Langford, Kyle Langford and Port also have a Langford. Commentating is going to get confusing.

May I ask how the hot food of the potato variety at North port oval is?

No, seriously, they crap all over that Footscray rubbish.

Burgers over-rated though.

Three Langfords on the field. DJR is going to have fun...


Friggin RIPPIN team! Will smash port into next week!

lol thats a beast vfl team.

Kommer goal after a lucky bounce.

10.10.70 we lead 9.8.62