Your round 1 teams injury permitting

Mine :

fb Baguley Hooker Gleeson

hb Francis Hurley Hibberd

c Stanton Heppell Goddard

hf Edwards M Brown Laverde

ff Zaka Joey D Howlett

Foll TBELL Jobe Hocking

Int Myers Parish Colyer

         Z Merrett    Leuy           Langford

Just miss out: Bird(him or howled)

Probably a few ifs and buts, however i think this is semi accurate, positions can change through rotations and what not, so just a rough lineup

Gleeson is in btw

Premature annunciation.

I remember when all we had to complain about was 4 zillion best 22 threads cropping up between now and round 1.

Doesn’t make it any less stupid or lazy, but those were better days.