Your two favourite games

1999 V North Round 17. Just a brilliant game of football. Lloyd with 7, Carey 10 and both staked a claim for best goal ever.

This was an awesome game.  And as an Essendon supporter, walking away _knowing_ that we were going to win the flag was a great feeling.  Carey kicked 10 and they still couldn't beat us.


A pity the players believed it as well....

2001 Rd 16 on 7mate now, my god, how good was it.

I still think Lloyd was underrated by some. From about 97/98 to 2005 he was our most important player, more important than Hird and even Fletch

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Rarely ever missed

fox footy had the 95 ANZAC day game on just before.

tell you what, this lockdown has been fantastic for footy fans, get to see some great games of football rather than the current rubbish that gets dished up.


Kangas way too tall in this game, carried too many plodders

He had 10 kicks that day and kicked 9 goals.

Also one hand pass that lead to McGrath’s goal towards the end that put us 7 points up I think (nearly touched by Alessio)

JJ human recking ball, unstoppable in the game. We miss he’s type in the team now. Smith comes close.

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