Your Votes! Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

This hasn’t been done yet?


3 McKenna
2 Begley
1 Langford

Oh, right.

1 Hooker for his sublime last five minutes.

joke thread?

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3- McKenna
2- begley
1- the Essendon fans who had to endure that

Votes thread.

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No votes for anyone.


In all seriousness, why would we want to have a votes thread?

It should be noted for prosperity that we played the dogs in round 3, and not one player deserved a vote.



First time ever I refuse to vote

Spineless performance

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Suggest no votes be counted for this Round and the Club so advised!

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In all seriousness, because every game gets tallied at the end of the year.
And in this case, the result shouldn’t really impact.
Three players must surely have played better than 19 others.
Because…I dunno…if you’re saying that 22 players magically all don’t deserve votes at the same time…


For the first time ever, that’s exactly what I’m saying.


i’d also like to vote that nobody gets votes

votes are for players

Then I’m gonna say that it’s not the cattle.
If you think 22 players all suddenly were crap at the same time…

Seriously people, wake up.

Edit: And also, don’t be a ■■■■.
We’ve had 100 point losses to St Kilda and given votes.

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  1. McKenna
  2. umm thinking hard Zaharakis
  3. ummmmm maybe Fantasia because at least he’s got an excuse

Nobody deserves votes but I’ll give them to guys who at least worked hard. So

3 Smith
2 Fantasia
1 McKenna

3 votes - fans who went to the game instead of enjoying the sunshine.


smith, mckenna begley and stewart are about the only ones who deserve votes, and bags. but prolly none of them deserve 3, so can the 4 get 1 vote each or something

3 Hurley
2 Heppell
1 Zaka