Your Votes! Essendon vs Western Bulldogs


McKenna - works his erse off, gets angry with the opposition and with lazy teammates, should be captain.

Smith - another great worker. Let’s hope being in a team full of lazy bastards, all waiting outside for some one else to do the hard work, won’t rub off on him.

Begley - was lucky to play, thanks to incompetent selection. Proved the idiots wrong.


Ok then.

3 Conor McKenna’s front tooth
2 Conor McKenna’s incisor
1 Conor McKenna’s molar



3 McKenna
2 Smith
1 Hurley

We have had better performed players in 100+ point losses!


im reading these votes and on reflection of the game I cant honestly hand many out.

I thought Zaka and Hooker were good when put behind the ball.

no idea how raz gets a vote. hardly noticed him. everyone was quiet.

the dogs kicked poorly. what 17 behinds? should have been a 10 goal thumping.




Final Vote Tally vs Western Bulldogs
David Zaharakis 41
Conor Mckenna 38
Devon Smith 33
Michael Hurley 29
Dyson Heppell 19
Josh Green 15
Orazio Fantasia 10
Josh Begley 6
Mark Baguley 5
Brendon Goddard 3
Andrew McGrath 1
Tom Bellchambers 1
James Stewart 1
Cale Hooker 1

Offical Nobby Clarke Votes
David Zaharakis 5
Conor Mckenna 4
Devon Smith 3
Michael Hurley 2
Dyson Heppell 1

Leaderboard After Round 3
Dyson Heppell 9
Devon Smith 8
Conor Mckenna 8
David Zaharakis 8
Brendon Goddard 4
Michael Hurley 3
Tom Bellchambers 2
James Stewart 2
Josh Green 1