You're nobody unless you're somebody on Wikipedia


Is that you Cardinal Pell?

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Last reply before mine was 4 days ago. Did you lose your thread, @Humbert_Humbert?


Don’t spread rumors, mate :wink:



It’s a fkg Blitz LEGEND! :boom:

Didn’t know this thread was still kicking around. Not one of my finest efforts.

How are you doing SheedsIsOurFather? ( … he says, turning this already rubbish thread into a PM with SheedsIsOurFather). Might see you at the march?

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Some kid wanted a kitten and his mum said no.


I will definitely be a time the game. Not sure of the logistics yet for the march. lol be in touch.

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In September 2016 after defeating c–ton in the final round of the season, poster (and resident Billboards DJ) ‘Jake Brady’, admitted to the forum he urinated on his mothers bedroom floor. [Citation Needed]


BLTN salami story always up there.

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There have been many good ones over the years.