#1 Andy McGrath - from April 2022

Welcome to Essendon Andy!

I know we drafted you as a back pocket, but can’t wait to see you move up to the middle of the ground and start dominating the midfield and showing off your sublime skills!

Absolutely the right pick over that weak wingman McLuggage and can’t find the pill Taranto.

Go well, Andy!



2MP highlight package of goals had his first two a result of great play by McGrath to win first possession after centre square ruck contest and get through the pressure to get a clean handball away


I don’t think he’s a bad mid. But we have so many mids and our half back line looks so stale atm

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McGrath is a fine footballer, well worth the No.1 draft pick we gave for him, which might become apparent to a few more Blitzers when we start playing like a team and stop asking him to do three men’s work at once.


In that case, why didn’t we pick Stewart?

Because he was, like, 24 years old.

The bloke is almost ready to retire.

That’s more a ‘why did we take Begley over Stewart’ discussion.

Would have sped up our next rebuild.

He’d be captain now, and an experienced leader.

Tom Stewart was such a Geelong pick.
Pluck an anonymous scruffy dude from the local leagues and he slots in and is a gun from day dot.


ooof - remember that 1 qtr begley played against the swans (suns actually)
that time.

Those were the days…


didn’t even rock up to the club for the first time wearing a Rolex



The Suns up in the Gold Coast I’m certain of it. Remember it clear as day. I thought we’d just recruited the best kick of a footy I’d seen in years. It was an unbelievable first quarter. You can see it on YouTube.

Unless you’re thinking of a pre-season game.


Begley played in a final in his first season, too. He looked promising.

That knee injury farked him.


You’re right it was too.

Looked unbelievable for 20 minutes or so.

He will be and should strive to be a better version of Sydney’s Nick Smith

7 disposals, 4marks, 2 goals, 2 goal assists in the first quarter. Unfortunately but unsurprisingly, didn’t keep that rate up.

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Getting pretty toxic the talk about McGrath on different socials, a lot of hate coming from our own fans because “We wasted the number 1 pick”

Andy is also the number 1 target on big footy when trolling us now, he’s copping it.

Hope he doesn’t read this stuff.

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For God’s sake its not his fault he was picked at number one. He didn’t pick himself. No way should Andy’s pick number be any reason for delisting him!

Might be another reason to consider delisting Dodoro though.


I remember his kicking for goal action pre knee injury looked like Plugger and didnt look like missing.
After knee injury…was inconsistent in front of big sticks.

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