#1 Andy McGrath - from April 2022

If he takes more than 2 marks in the game. I’ll be very surprised.


Had 6 vs Geelong.
Had more than 2 in 10/15 games last year.
Is this a bit?

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Apart from junk marks in the Geelong game, he should be taking a lot of marks as a hard working mid. He may have been tagging Petracca in the last game but he also only got 2 marks in the Brisbane game. In context, Brayshaw had 20 marks against us.

I just remembered my man Stanton, as much as people bashed him on here, he still worked hard to be that outlet kick.

McGrath wont work hard enough to lose his man. If there is someone on him then he won’t bother to run

New thread is off to a good start.


Seems like an odd thing to use to determine his success, given his role.
But in the spirit of it all, I’d be very surprised if he had more than 10 hit outs to advantage.


If he did he would know what he needs to work on

So what’s his role that requires him to not get many marks? Is he a lock down defender? Even Kelly gets more marks.

Marks will come with structures/zone…

If we fix the way we play good players look great and elite players get fapped over…

That fact that he is usually at the contest rather than being used as an outlet option. He got the same amount of marks as Parish, Durham and Perkins. I’d say a lot of Kelly’s marks were chip ‘junk’ marks on slow D50 exits.

You also initially compared against Brayshaw, despite Brayshaw playing wing/outlet and Melbourne also playing a much more kick/mark game style.

If you are going to criticise him, go right ahead, but at least pick on him for something that is actually relevant.


Half back please

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Being at the contest is no excuse. The game is not constantly contested. Parish, Durham, Perkins had 6, 4 and 4 marks respectively the week before.

Marks are just the most easiest stat to show someone is not working hard enough both ways.

Ok then how can you so easily dismiss McGrath getting 6 against Geelong if you are going to cite those stats to support your argument?

And I don’t think it shows how hard a player is working both ways at all. It reflects the role of the player and the game style of the team.

If you are looking for players for us that should be taking a lot of marks then look at our wingers and half backs



Geelong game was one of the worst for our mids. We went into defensive chipping and all our mids had high numbers.Yet we got thrashed.

But if you look at the last 2 games, we were a lot more contested and as result we lost the marks stat by 89-104 and 88-120 in the last two games. Obviously this not McGrath’s fault, but he is part of the problem. They only do one job, either contested work or hard running but not both.

Perhaps helps to explain the irrelevance of marks as a means to measure a primarily contested mids output.

With his job on Trac I’m happy for the coaches to deploy Andy to do a shut down job when needed

It’s strange, no one looks at marks for a contested mid role.


Lachie Neale averaged less than 4 marks a game last season.

What a lazy lazy Player.


We comparing McGrath to Neale. Since when has McGrath been a competitive beast