#1 Andy McGrath - from April 2022

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Play him in the backline.

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Defensive midfielder or hb.

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From his u18 year . Wasn’t he basically a really good tagger that year ? Strange choice for No. 1 pick .



He definitely did some shut down jobs in the u/18’s. I think on ben ainsworth.

But Andy did have like high 30’s and BOG in the under 18s GF playing as a mid

Is it true that Robert Shaw recommend Dodoro to take Andy at pick 1 over Tarranto and Clug?

Shaw coached Andy and in his opinion thought Andy was number 1

Shawry was a scout for the club at the time.

But yes, he was pro drafting McGrath. Definitely. He was also his coach.

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If he was a scout for the club then diffrent story

Fark don’t start some new stupid meme

Of course a coach is going to recommend one of his players to be drafted. Nothing more to it than that.

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Cut me some slack didnt know Shaw was the clubs scout at time

Don’t see how it would make a difference if he was or wasn’t tbh.

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People should just do with this McGrath draft, what I used to do with the 07 draft; pretend that we took Hooker at pick 6, and Myers at pick 54.

Therefore, Ridley was the number 1 pick, and we got McGrath at pick 22.


Hahaha I was actually having similar thoughts yesterday.
Ridley would be a pretty decent #1 pick

If Ridley was a #1 pick we’d be getting stuck into him too. Top pick but we have to hide as a 3rd defender won’t give him the big jobs. Only average if 19 possessions and can’t tackle. What a waste of a top pick.

We just like sticking it to everyone.


Trade to Gold Coast

We just have to accept we used Pick 1 on a better version of Kyle Hardingham who still hasn’t put on weight since his 2nd year


Where was Draper? still #1 Rookie ?

Begley’s or Mutch’s spot, your choice.

Begley was so damn good for that first 20 minutes though.