10 Favourite Albums Ever - IN ORDER


I did Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here on the weekend. I don’t listen to them often but every time I do they blow me away. Just amazing albums on so many levels.


Isn’t that the natural order of your cds?


Anyway, been away from here for a bit and now there’s 100+ posts in a best albums thread. Just been through it (the DJ thread can wait). Some great stuff. Interesting TMBG discussion. Agree with whoever said they didn’t really get their stuff after Apollo 18. I’m not sure that Lincoln isn’t my favourite though. Need to think about it.

I’ll get a top 10 soon.

Probably not the top 10 though


The order in which you bought / got them, I believe.


My man.

Any track from this album reminds me of a party I was at in the early 2000s where this was playing and I was on the periphery of a loud and lengthy discussion that I can best describe as “punk music gatekeeping”. Just about came to blows when I chimed in with my views on the whole concept of what is/isn’t punk making as much sense as “giving anarchy a score out of 10”.

Upon reflection the aggression I received might have been more about the extra adjectives I used.


Hmmm, I need to work Beck, Odelay in there somewhere.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to his thread! It has given me heaps of new albums and artists to discover, as well as reminding me of many of my old favourites.

As with most people, their favourite things stick with them all of their life, so most of my favourite albums are from my first 25 years on earth.

I apologise in advance for my early onset “decimal Alzheimer’s” but I will try my best. Here goes…

Pos Album Artist
1 Blood on the Tracks Bob Dylan
2 Abbey Road The Beatles
3 Up Peter Gabriel
4 Physical Graffiti Led Zeppelin
5 War Child Jethro Tull
6 Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones
7 Axis: Bold As Love Jimi Hendrix
8 Ten Pearl Jam
9 Harvest Neil Young
10 Who’s Next? The Who
10 Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd
10 Aja Steely Dan
10 Circus Animals Cold Chisel
10 Powerage AC/DC
10 Waiting for Columbus Little Feat
10 Love it to Death Alice Cooper
10 Paradise and Lunch Ry Cooder
10 Nebraska Bruce Springsteen
10 Innervisions Stevie Wonder
10 Who do we think we are? Deep Purple

Phew! Made it to ten…


Yep. You can guess everyone’s age to within 5 years based on their list.

My list is more or a less “most played”. There’s a couple on there that I don’t reckon I’ve listened to in years, but are on there by sheer virtue of how much airtime they got in my younger years.


Astral Weeks has really dropped off for me.
I used to be so into it, but I’m just not feeling it any more.


Flaming hard. I spose I’ll go for the top ten that I just hit play on and just endlessly looped them from first time round.

  1. Live - Throwing Copper
  2. Killers - Hot Fuss
  3. Offspring - Ixnay on the Hombre
  4. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA
  5. Baby Animals - Shaved and Dangerous
  6. Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
  7. Powderfinger - Vulture Street
  8. The Darkness - Permission to Land
  9. Killers - Battleborn
  10. Delta Spirit - History from Below


Every Picture Tells A Story - Rod Stewart
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
White Mansions - Various
Roy Buchanan - Roy Buchanan
Dingoes - Dingoes
Living in the 70’s - Skyhooks
Lou Reed - Rock & Roll Animal
Richard Clapton - Prussian Blue
Derek & The Dominos - Layla and other assorted Love Songs
Kate Bush - The Kick Inside
Stones - Exile on Main St
Beatles - Abbey Road
Ledd Zeppelin - 1V

Made it…


Last night I had interupted sleep with broken dreams of Maynard…Chris Cornell…Bruce Dickenson…Ray Gillan and so many others screaming at me…“WHY?”…until Carol King flew in on a winged unicorn that had a remarkable resemblence to Adele, and carried me away to her safe haven.


Tramadol and bourbon will do that to ya!


Should make it interesting and do top 50 as most of us have more music than sense!
Perhaps you need that balance to enjoy Blitz!




That’s just plain mean…we’ve had enough problems picking 10 and now you want us to pick 50.

Let’s do it


I’d probably be just resorting my link early in the thread.
Shouldn’t be too hard.


After you…


1 Hard Day’s Night
2 Help
3 1984
4 Purple Rain
5 Californication
6 In Utero
7 By The Way
8 Achtung Baby
9 Dizzy up The Girl
10 Welcome to the Pleasure Dome



I reckon I could do a list of 50, but putting it order…