#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Oh yeah, forgot about him. What's his story, injuries/fitness too?

edit, yeah actually 2015 draft did have a few talls. confusing my years


Schache is playing most weeks, but coming along very slowly.

Weitering benefited from playing every week - because Carlton just had to play him for a variety of reasons.

Weideman at pick 8 has shown less, much less, than Francis.


A lot of talls like Weideman have a lot of work to do to fill out their frame. Not something Francis needs to worry about at least.


Schache is a big skinny kid, he'll take a while.
Weideman has had injury problems.
Reckon they'll both be pretty handy players.

As will St Aaron of Assisi


Schache will be better when he gets to Melbourne next year


Schace wanted to go, & AFAIK, still wants to stay in Brisbane, his Dad played for the Bears, and he said he wanted to "Finish Off" what his Dad started... That's why they picked him, a KPP prospect that would not "want away" like other young guns before him.

"I think that'd be pretty cool if I ended up at Brisbane. I could go back to where dad was and finish off what he did there," Schache said.

He will be one they build their next tilt around.


My understanding is things have changed and he wants out, preferably to a Melbourne club. Collingwood are keeping very close tabs on him


Schache's dad played for Essendon (seconds and thirds).

Where's the loyalty?

What's happened to the old attitude that if a child wanted to follow a team different from its parents, well, what are wolves and hillsides for?


Yeah I did and was a worthy winner.


Woah easy there partner.


I had heard something spouted by a media flog,.. but that would be strange seeing how the AFL have put their men in, and heaps of dollars, and things seem to be on the up there now, .. on top of his clearly expressed sentiments.

I think it more likely it's a manager foxing for a better deal, and the Media flogs creating a story.


Would be terrible for Brisbane if so. It can't keep happening or they will never rise off bottom.

Draft picks should have clauses that they can't leave within 4yr period from being drafted. By then they should have established strong friendships within club and also a position in the team.

Only under extraordinary circumstances should they be able to leave before then.


Laurence Schache kicked 25 goals for us in an u19’s game vs Sydney in round 2 1985.


My personal opinion is they can leave but no choice where they go.

I can't see how they should be able to force a move to a club of choice.


That doesn’t help the club really outside of selling off to highest bidder and being compensated accordingly.

It still doesn’t arrest the player churn however.

Lions had desperately needed a kpf. They got the best one of the draft in finishing 2nd last. They can’t afford to have him go.


I think they would have second thoughts about leaving if it was up to the club who they traded with.


Cant put Francis up against Lloyd/Lucas...they played in the old era of stay at home forwards. Francis has to play up from the goal square to the half back flank as needed in the press. I think he would probably get asked to do a few more k's than those two blokes



But if he wanted to come back to Victoria because of homesickness (diddums) then so many clubs possible.

Obviously the Boyd deal after his 1st year when he had done farking nothing and then got himself $1mil and a flag would have every highly touted young kpf considering their options as soon as drafted.


Except maybe a special exception for Setterfield.


According to this person he was very close to walking last season. Was a huge rift between several of the younger players and Rockliff and he didn't like the direction the club was heading. Obviously things have changed up there and he might be enjoying it again but he will definitely get a couple of sizeable offers from a couple of Melbourne clubs which would make him atleast look. Probably the smartest move for him is to sign up there for another year or two on average money and if he has a couple of ripping years he would be able to command a far higher price. The kid has the goods but he is still a work in progress