#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


This reminds me of Essendon people abusing Hardingham on the street because we picked him instead of Barlow.


Lol fair play, can see the irony in those two opposing quotes but it remains true from people around him. Hasn't reached a great level of emotional maturity. He's only young and undergone a harrowing incident in the form of the loss of his brother a couple of years ago, so not all that unexpected but I hope the club gets that balance of support and prodding him to improve right and that it comes together.


I have a slightly different story. Francis was in the car next to us coming into the ground. My 8 year old literally could not believe he was right next to us.
Sadly it was the highlight of both of our day.


I saw Jay Neagle at the G one night when we lost to Hawthorn by 100 points.

There's nothing more to that story.


I high-fived @Catherine Lio on the way in to the G yesterday, but I'm sure she didn't recognise me in my beanie and scarf and polar jacket. Cool story.


In any other format or context it would be considered the height of rudeness, worthy of a solid slap across the face, to snap at a stranger laughing because you're in a bad mood.

Have a good look at yourself, maybe you're the one who needs to take a step back and have a laugh. I wasn't aware buying a membership entitles you to dictate how players utilise their oxygen. What more do you want from them.

Absolutely putrid.


And yet plenty around here (and on any other form of social media) think it entitles them to say all manner of far more horribly offensive ■■■■ than what he might've said...


Yep. I know of one player's father who had a look at this place, and was then asking why posters here hate his son so much. It was really not a nice thing to hear, and some people really need to think a bit more about what they are saying.


Holy fark you are a precious bunch


That'd be a mistake. A fairly naive one.


good move watching a neutral game instead of ours.


Surely he was eating a pie, or donut?

And if he wasn't... Make it up.


I dunno, there are quite a few that come to mind. Dikhead would perhaps be the most polite.

Pull your head in Bacchus. What do you think gives you the right to have a crack at a kid not playing to his face? The fact that yesterday and today you are still spouting the same rubbish makes me think you are probably not smart enough to recognise you are out of line, so hopefully there are people close to you to say you're being a ■■■■■■■■. If not, we'll blitz is here to call it out


I once saw Mark Mercuri and James Hird sitting having a coffee down the road from Windy Hill. We were going up to Brisbane to play our next game. Said hi and wished them all the best for the coming match.

They both looked at me stupid.

Learnt my lesson (especially as we lost that match).

When I've seen any other player since then, I just pretend they are invisible. :grinning:


Just like Brisbane did!


Yep, in that match and yesterday.


He'd already eaten all the pies and donuts and they had to close the MCG.


Seriously, every other club forum is the same. It's not a blitz thing.


Get him in for preparation of what is expected for next year otherwise we wasted a top 10 pick


It's an internerd thing