#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Beginning to wish they were jetsam


Probably the dumbest thing ive read in this thread and that's saying something. JUST WOW


He's already contracted until the end of 2019. So no.




Probably didn't even happen.


Very amusing. Can you please go and work for Collingwood?


That's because for that majority of the players, the game is just their job but to you it's your passion. The sooner you realise this, the easier it is to see that there is more to life than AFL - in fact there is much much more.

Now when it was the VFL - that was another matter.

$$$ ruins everything.


Mate - the VFL was more laid back than the AFL.


Well the Richmond and Essenon VFL players had a meet and greet session around 30 minutes after the game. A 10.minute Q and A with players. Can say no players looked distraught after the loss, while the Richmond players barely broke into a smile.

We walked out of the ground with the VFL players. Highlight was four younger players discussing their plans for the evening


Did you yell at them and tell them to stop planning for the future because they played like ■■■■?


Was he hiding behind the point post?


Point posts don't have padding. Can't have been him.


My wife was more interested in obtaining pics.


Fantastic. Means he and Worstfold can both leave together. Can't come soon enough!




Him or me?


Well, I've already said that in my opinion Bacchus was probably out of line. But that was a pretty strong rant. Then again - who am I to talk - I rant like a loon all the time.


This is the biggest storm in a teacup since Y2K.


You ungrateful ■■■■■■■. It was because of the hardwork of us I.T people that it was a storm in a teacup.


Ive said it before, if hes not ripped in 2018, he will never amount to anything. I want to see a Jobe like body transformation.