#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Well, I agree there. It’s the position I think he has played best. But he is very young and history is littered with talls who have not found their position till a few years in. I see no issue at all in opening up potential for young players. It’s part of development. A good defender won’t suddenly get infected and forget how to defend if they were taught forward skills.


And playing the intercept role he does something very few players do and that is run back with the flight putting his body on the line, something our team lacks.


I’m not saying it’ll ruin his career, but I think it expedites their development if they continue to grow in their preferred position. after a couple season maybe give them 5-10 minutes a quarter running through the midfield or going up forward.


Francis is trying to have an AFL career, lets give him the best chance of making it before we start experimenting with his position.


If we're going to play our talls in their natural positions (a reasonable idea) then we've really got to stop drafting tall defenders at some point.


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The story was parody.


In my defence I am overseas so I'm going to blame jet lag...yeah that's it....jet lag


Looks like a natural forward to me.


Maybe we can try Ambrose as a forward........


With a significant number of players, they don't have a "natural" position, so talking of playing players where they were drafted is a mantra for morons.

Hurley was always a TAC Cup KPD who was a useful swingman, but he was always more comfortable in defence, particularly with his dodgy wrists.

Football's history is littered though with players who played juniors mid or forward, but ended with great careers in defence. Unfortunately, we tried too many defenders moving into the midfield in Sheeds's later years.

Looks to me like Francis is comfortable playing anywhere...at least until his tank runs out. There wouldn't have been questions about him in the 90's.


Also, also in fairness, anybody who can take a mark is best suited to being that intercept defender. Joe would probably dominate in it.

It’s a substantially easier position to play than key forward, it’s not surprising Francis looks more comfortable there. Everybody does.

Personally, I reckon he’ll play everywhere.


I think his ability to then cycle the ball forward is a proper asset


I've always thought Francis' will be best suited to the midfield if/and when his tank grows.

Power athlete, seems to always be in and around the play. Hard, tough, good skills. Will be our answer to Danger/Dusty.


If we lose today bring him in for the rest of the season. Enough teaching him how to play vfl. Teach him how to play afl.


When Danger/Dusty are ginning around at half back


Incredibly elite fitness AFL players have isn't it?

The fact is, even after slimming down and having a good block of preseason train, it's simply still not up to scratch.

I just have to believe history of soft tissue injuries, and how far away he was from even very good fitness, has meant our conditioning staff have insisted on a slower than normal build up to the required level.

To prevent injury, so as to then give him a sustained level of peak physical performance.


McKenna was also quite open about the fact that one of the main reasons why they’ve played him forward was so his lack of fitness didn’t get exposed as much and that now that they think he can run out games he’s gone back to defence. Although being Bluey he said most of that in ocker metaphors.


Was named in the bests today.


smokey for Friday? smaller ground, needing taller backline, Hartley took a knock - is he a chance or does Dea (rested) come in if they want to go a bit taller??