#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Worth quoting as CJohns is a credible source wrt Francis.

We need to get AFL games into this kid.


If he works hard in the off season, and has an doesn’t have an injury interrupted pre-season he will be one of our most important best 22 by years end next year, and be an absolute star in years to come.


Took Hurls ages to get to a point with his diet / training / recovery that was required for him to be successful.

It’s a massive step up to AFL from juniors in terms of what’s required. Eventually it’ll click for him.


That’s a big leap of faith imo.
I’ll be happy if he’s best 22 by year’s end. I’ll be very surprised if he’s best 15, let alone one of our most important


if franga is played anywhere but in the backline, then his club is ■■■■■■.

forwardline is fine the way it is, franga is a natural back

just use your common fkg sense


Could maybe believe Lloyd. But as if the other 2 would know anything about him.


They would be basing it off Woosha saying he has been told what he needs to do. They read the article then go on their shows and sprout that they know something. SWSNBN may be an arse but at least she does get links to clubs. These guys are just social media experts.


Do you honestly think journalists aren’t on the phone all the time talking to people at footy clubs?


Hartley needs more than weights


Needs a hug, due to all the mean blitz posters


Probably needs to ease up on the late night cardio sessions.


Happy for you to call me out in 12 months time if I am wrong:wink:


If I was him I’d keep going with them


No chance of that. Even if you are wrong, I will have long forgotten about this discussion.


Hurley was playing AFL from game one which means he had already reached an AFL level of fitness - Obviously he built on this from season to season - You are comparing apples and oranges.


Think he should eat more apples and oranges


Do you honestly think these two are journalists?


Not only did Hurley debut and play AFL immediately (i.e. round 1, 2009), he did a great job on Warren Tredrea in his first game and that was after an injury-interrupted debut preseason. He then got a bunch of injuries that kept him out for 2/3rds of the year, and he then returned to the senior side off a very low fitness base to win a rising star nomination and get us into the finals with his 4-goal game against the Hawks.

So not only was his early career form not even remotely comparable to Francis, Hurley was good enough to overcome serious injuries throughout his debut season and still be a very solid AFL player.


In agreeance with both of you

Wrong example. My bad.

Whilst Hurls did need ages to get himself in right frame of mind with professionalism (and thus stop keeping getting injured) he was certainly much more naturally fitter than Francis to begin with.


Harvey was an All Aus CHB at 184 cm in a time where CHFs included Carey, Spalding, Loewe, Langdon etc. Just saying.