#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Different world and totally different game back then. You could still skate by on talent then, now if you aren’t fit you don’t make it.


My memory is that it was perceived as not good. Of course he was being compared to Judd, so perhaps it wasn’t so fair, but he was definitely seen as being not fit enough.


Of course the fitness of a 19 yo who has had injuries (as well as having significant personal issues) is not the fitness of of the same player at 25.


Donnington pls


Totally agree and at 25 Francis has all the ability to be a dominant AFL footballer. I just don’t think the Hodge comparison is valid anymore. Those days are gone unfortunately and I think the game is worse for it.


I’m not sure that you really could then either. Maybe to a degree.


Do you want to trade him because he’s too old now?


Are we talking about a snail in its prime?


Donnington please!!!

I do, unless it is to our benifit (subjective).

I suspect you have the stamina of a two stroke
15yo getting a tour of the recently deceased Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

Yeah, you don’t play footy. FYI, manhood is really hit in the 20’s, despite what you believe/have been told, a few hairs on the sack or chest doesn’t constitute manhood. There are plently of men out there that aren’t real men (as an fyi).

I personally don’t want to toe the work ethic line. I don’t know how hard he is working now, I suspect it is more than most the general populous. I do acknowledged that he was coming from a way back from TAC days. I also know he has had a few injuries in the last two years. I also know that he was picked at 6 and has talent. He is also a big ranga.

I’m more than comfortable (even hopeful) we give him another year before we consider shipping him off. I’ll judge him (and THE, Lav, Mogan, Redman, Long) at the conclusion of 2018.

Until then let’s just open the books and best of luck with VCE exams, however to be truthful youre OP means [email protected] in the scheme of things. All the most important things for success and happiness are persistence, ingenuity, acceptance, attitude, fam8ly and friends.


Slow and steady wins the race Donnington my friend. Bite your lip or think of your mum - whatever you need to do, because it will come back in spades in the long run.


RE: hodge listen to the super draft podcast by emma Q, does not paint him in a good light for his first few years.


Suspect Francis and Schache are over-rated - They have question marks - I am yet to be convinced the 2 SA clubs have a genuine interest in Francis - I suspect the Francis move is club initiated - I don’t see why Francis couldn’t be traded to another Melbourne club.


So you trade him and he goes to SA and makes it, does it mean he would have made it at Essendon?


If I was Jackets, I would be culling the list from the bottom up. I reckon there are a few more blokes I would be moving on before the Big Red one.

We can afford to have him on the list for one more year ad see how he goes.

All he needs to do is to put on 5 kg of Beastly Red Muscle and improve his aerobic fitness. I’ll back Crow’s program in to do this over summer. If not, then we have some issues.

I’d rather try and improve a guys fitness and strength, than teach him how to play football.

I stand firmly in the give home some more time camp.


While I would prefer to keep him, if the guy is desiring to go home and we can get a pretty decent pick for him, it may well be worth doing it now. He could be a star, he could also be a bust.


Agree- keep him if we can but if he really wants/needs to go home - let him.


You have got to appreciate that if the club want to move Francis on for a pick somewhere between 20-30 just how little hope they have that he will make it. They who have been working with him for two years would have a very good view of where he is at, what his upside is and what the likelihood of converting that upside into performance. If he was anywhere near ‘on track’ you don’t trade 193cm kids you drafted at pick 6 in two years in unless there is something rotten in Denmark.

And that’s if the club want to trade him.


I think Francis parents would love to have their son back. Might be best for family healing after their loss.


I still wonder how much of this is just getting blown out of proportion.

It seems like some whispers started he might be traded, dodo brought his name up as not on the the table ( was it ubless a good deal comes up).
Maybe that set off alarm bells to his manager and maybe told his client to brace for a trade.

On one hand you have people saying the club want to move him on , then others say the club is angry he wants to leave.

Thinks like I said seems like people have jumped the gun on both sides.


Do they live in Adelaide?