#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


No but same state is significantly easier IF the issue is they want to see eachother more.
Anyway see what happens


Good point and you can use the James Hird example too. However, these examples are rare and even more impressive when a quality player comes from that pick. Either way, I think we could turn this situation into a positive.


It would make minimal difference at all.

he may have extended family or support base in Adelaide though considering he spent time there playing footy.


Do not want to trade Francis. Back the club to refocus him and I reckon we will reap the benefits.

Francis to Adelaide
Cameron to Lions
Schache to Essendon?


That’s about the 100th time that’s been posted lol.


Oh, right haha, I’ve only been hanging in the Stringer thread.
Only heard Schache was actually putting himself up this morning


Francis should be rooming with Marty Gleeson. Marty can eat his meals for him.


I’d actually love him to stay, be happy and succeed.

He’s the kind of player you would love to be barracking for.

With little interest in him this year another year is a win either way. If he breaks out and he stays we have a star or we have a player with trade value.


Francis won’t be going anywhere.


Or even Schache to WB and Stringer to Essendon.
Balancers via swaps of later picks wherever needed to make ti work. But all 4 clubs get a players they want (assuming WB would want Schache)


SEN said that Essendon were asking for a 2nd round pick but there was little to no interest from either Ade teams.




Crows are not interested


They could move to Melbourne to be with their son!


If that is the case we need to give this kid every bit of support to help him succeed.


Bullshit, surely they would jump at him for that price!


Reckon both club and player need a good long chat after this trade period is over.


Kerr: “We can get all 3 without having to trade Aaron”"


If true then those rumors about his work ethic must be legit. The club spends a top draft pick on him and other clubs don’t even rate him worth a pick in the 30’s


Or they’ve done their homework, and don’t think he’s worth it.