#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Reeks of a ploy to motivate the player…


here I was hoping for their first this and next year :smirk:


Or they’re worried about his mental state.

Who knows. I find this all particularly difficult to believe. Reckon there’s some sort of campaign going on behind the scenes. No idea what’s going to be achieved, or who by, but there’s something that didn’t sound right.


The Adelaide clubs seem to be basing their valuation on Francis’ actual exposed form rather than Blitz’s hopes and dreams. I reckon a second rounder is fair.


Big wake up call.


Hooooooooly sheeeeeet, I friggin’ hope not.



No easy way out. And a fair assessment of him from outside the club.


Probably not a bad thing


Friggin’ seriously?
Of course there’s an easy way out.
You just stop.

The kid’s just turned twenty.



Psychologically, if both Adelaide teams show little interest, it kind of leaves Aaron with one option:



There is no way club would let him go for a 2nd rounder, neither would Bris for Schache. They are both just highly rated kids who’ve not transitioned to AFL level footy / fitness / mental side of things just yet. Francis with obvious family issues affecting, and Schache said to also have some things affecting also.

It’d have to be a worthy player or low first rounder IMO

Be interesting if Crows dig their heels in on Cameron and perhaps that becomes the leverage point later in trade period.

As someone mentioned, IF Lever trade gets done then may be more likely to look at replacing him with same type of player.


Bizarre though, given the exposed form of a second round pick is precisely nothing.

They’re either seeing it as an opportunity to extract a quality player very cheap, or …actually I don’t know what the or is.

I just hope he stays and turns into the gun that we know is inside him.


Obviously in the short term, I hope the club gives him all (more?) support on a personal level to get him through whatever tough patch he is going through.

On a team level though, if nothing ends up happening (and I want him to stay), I hope they remind him in the future that these “home” clubs showed absolutely no realistic interest or faith in him when they had the chance. We only entertained trading him him for his own well being, but back him to stay & make good.

Then big red goes on to absolutely dominate at the Bombers, and the faithful will adore him even more.


Well either way

He’s demanded a trade back home yet none of the Adelaide teams are even interested in him. It’s a big wake up call like some are saying hopefully he will realise where he is truly at.

Still think he can turn it around, he’s aggressive in the vfl and makes repeated efforts to win the ball.

Need to get jobes boxing coach


Essendon are asking for a second rounder. The SA clubs seem to think he isn’t worth a second rounder. I think he is in a weak draft. Hopefully this is a wake-up call and he is stung into action.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if we cut our losses and traded him for a third rounder next week. Especially considering the picks we will be giving up to get SSS.


My theory on Francis

Essendon initiated putting him on the trade table and want to trade him.

Told Francis to put it the other way around (he wants to leave due to home sickness) which increase his value (reads that EFC still want him and Francis hasn’t got the best out of himself because he’s struggling being away from home)

Essendon get a sense of his value this morning and see little interest (not even a 2nd rounder)

" We can get all 3 trades done without losing Aaron"


Just because it’s on SEN it doesn’t make it fact.


And hopefully he doesn’t think, ‘Essendon don’t want me, the two Adelaide clubs don’t want me, I miss my Mum and Dad, and I miss my mates and ■■■■ this ■■■■…’

But yeah, sure, motivation.


It’s because they know what he is like.

Reality blitz


the herald sun on the other hand…