#10 Sam Weideman

Imagine being sponsored by an aviation industry company out near the airport while your club is known as the Bombers? What a strange thing to do.


If we really wanted to stay on brand, it should be the Lockheed Martin Hanger.


This joke went way over my head


You can’t go from 12 months ago showing something to absolutely falling off a cliff and is basically retired

Move him on.

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Do it before the MSD. Would be a better bet than keeping him on the list.

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Lol, he isn’t going to retire.
He won’t get another contract but he’ll be on the list all season.


Nah fk it, I want a Matthew Capuano/Allan Murray situation.

I guarantee if a club did that, the AFL would not allow an MSD replacement.

I’m all about the poster that thinks he’s hard done by.
No, not Nino.
A proper poster.

What a ■■■■ thing to say about Nino

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Why even bring him into this


Forgot where I asked you.
Remember where I said don’t reply to me, ever.

Simply because he was Weid’s biggest fan.

I think @Finding_Nino deserves an unreserved apology.

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What did i miss?

You got pooped on

I think you can go annoy someone else and stop white-knighting under the pretence of being your usual self.

Bye, SMJ, bye.
Nobody asked.

I was criticising you for being all in on Weid.

Funny that you mention that on my way home from grocery shopping and a bird shat on my shoulder fark you bird lols