100 highest paid players in the competition

The Herald Sun have posted the top 100 player salaries in the AFL. Here are the first 50. Not great reading for bomber fans.

It’s little wonder we are struggling three players on the list have added not much on field for a number of years and are on roughly the same as the likes of Hawkins, Blicavs and Dixon.

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Stringer making 600-700k and still can’t get himself fit enough


Looking at results, everyone of our players is overpaid.


we pay our players for the crap they dish out?!?

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But he is the only one of that group capable of turning/winning a game.

So to be in this list, calculating it out, you would be considered in the top 10 - 15% of players in the whole of the AFL.

I guess Merrett and Shiel must be in the top 50, any other Bomber player ?

The stated figures are just a guess in any case. There would be a bunch around the $500,000 mark.

I thought these lists were established as fiction a few years ago.

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Am I supposed to get riled up about this or not?


So to be clear, is this the HS guessing their salaries or for real? And is it this year’s salary or the average over their contract?

I’d also point out the top 100 players in the league represent around 25% of the league’s best 22 players. Every team should have 4-7 players in the list depending on how flat their pay structure is.

No more Hurley and Heppell on that list next year.


i CanT BeLeIVe hEpPeLL iS sMiLiNg!1


Glad I’m not trying to teach remedial Maths to some on here.
But just in case, here goes.

This list is not a ranking of players across the AFL.
All Clubs have to spend, what 95% of their salary cap.
So on any graded pay scale, in every Club, some players are going to be paid around the $500 - $600K mark. Or a bit more. Otherwise you cannot reach the salary cap minimum.

Unless you do one of two things;
Pay Ham, McDonaugh, Cutler etc an extra $100K a year.
Sink almost all of your Cap into a Franklin or Grundy at $1.2 million a year, and underpay the middle of your list. Bearing in mind your costs are pretty much fixed for first & second year players

In other words someone is either paid arguably more than they’re worth, or a lot of players are paid more than they’re worth.

The only thing that Hun List of guesses reveals is the relative payments within each Club. And given two of ours, Hurley & Heppell, are off contract at the end of the year, that relative rating by payment is bound to be different in 2023.


Parish is the only person worth what he’s being paid.


Dont you mean “RISH”?

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Club’s farked!

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I mean they’re “estimating” within 100k of players pay bands.
550k over 5 years is significantly different to 650k.

Polly waffle figures

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Let’s not forget bonuses, match payments etc.

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We don’t even need to see what they’re paid to know they are overpaid.

Part of the description of how they do it here.