#12 Mark Baguley


The hell would we consider moving our best midfielder for a decade out of the farking midfield?



And you’ll be happy about it.


Not ruling that out, seems unlikely.


I don’t think we can delist him purely because we have ■■■■ all small forward depth (i’m not rating green because I don’t rate him).


Love this bloke




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This guy getting another contract? I think he’s earnt it. Is it dependant on who we get? Example, if we got Martin, would he get another gig?


He deserves to be around if we crack it big next year. He’s been there all through the crap times.

Also, he deserves it because he’s shown he’s best 22.

Edit: Fark I love Baggers.



Quality backup is a must if you want to be a serious challenger.


I would 100% give him a contract for a year.


He’s the kind of player to play well in finals too. Need more tough blokes in the team IMO


Baguley is better than the Dud Ellis going to Suns, and would add experience and leadership if he went there.
And he probably offers versatility if he went to GWS, ie he’s not a midfielder and can play forward or back.

Its more if your Baguley would you relocate for a year or two more of footy in the AFL or not?
If he wanted to stay in Melbourne then options would probably be - Dees - Goodwin/melksham/Hibberd connection, or Saints he could play a role, Him and carlisle is almost half a backline, or could replace lonie as a defensive forward.
Cant see him at Carlton, was Justin Madden the last EFC player to go there, i cant remember many - stantons there as coach
Geelong /Hawks nah they are looking at moving old blokes on not adding new ones.

Ideally he stays at essendon. but if our preference is to trade him, im sure there would be suitors, not sure of his trade worth, surely not more than a 3rd rounder, would be more of a frebie added to sweeten other deals - Setterfield/Martin.


I simply cannot understand how anyone could question even for a second the value of Mark Baguley to the club. For at least 5 years now he has been the most reliable, the toughest, the most desperate small back and then forward that we have. He virtually never misses a game. His opponent never gets an easy kick. He’s an outstanding mark for his size. Since moving forward he’s become a reliable kick for goal at any reasonable distance and angle. But of all the qualities it’s the absolute fearlessness he displays week after week that should earn the respect of every football follower no matter which club they support.

There is nothing to suggest that he wants to leave. I’m confident that the club could not possibly be stupid enough to delist him. He’ll get a contract and he deserves to get a good one.


I agree with all of this,but 1x year contracts from here on in.


Wow. Some massive love for Baggers. I love Bags as well.

BUT, I’d be surprised if he gets another contract and dissapointed if he did and played more than 6 games next year. It’s time.


Totally agree, but unless this gradual evolution away from actual footballers stops players like bags are stuffed.


Ok, say we delist Bags who is currently best 22.

Who replaces him in the 22?

Right now we have nobody, absolutely nobody to replace Baguley, Raz, Tippa if they go down with injury.


This is exactly right. We need to draft/trade for 2 guys who can play small forward