#12 Mark Baguley


Who the fark is that #9 flog for Sydney? Kicks a regulation set shot and gets into Baguley’s face like Carrazzo to Stanton.

The whole game their side carried on like a bunch of ■■■■■■■■■. Reminded me of Port during the Chad Cornes and Warren Tredrea era.


Cooked personified this bloke.




Lay off the beers mate


Was about our best today!


So it wasn’t just me who thought he was good. Hasn’t put a foot wrong since anzac day


As for the Rule Committee and their yellow drones, victimising Bags today… freaking admit you knee-jerked a stupid rule into existence because Lindsay Thomas is a sniping piece of crap. Get rid of it. Let people play footy. Stop embarrassing yourselves, and bringing the game into disrepute.


The head is sancrosanct, unless you get kneed in the head playing the ball, because the knees and ankles are more sancriosanct than the head.


Does this bloke know how to do anything but fall over thin air or play 10 metres off his man and then look behind him to blame someone else?

I knew as soon as he turned to try and win that 50/50 with Fasolo in the last that he would fall over before even reaching it.



Disagree, love Bags’ courage and along with McGrath has done great job this season guarding the dangerous small forwards week in week out.

Fasolo’s a bit like Fantasia IMO, he bobs up for a bag of goals every few weeks almost regardless of who he’s playing.


I thought he was good today


Can’t wait to stick the boots in can you mate?
Got a bit of a problem with Bags hey?



The way he started this year I didn’t think he still has it in him.


In our top 5 players for mine. A very good game.


Don’t mind him. He’s got major, almost personal, problem with a couple of players.


You’re really not very good at understanding football.


I think that we tend to forget that Bags, despite not being one of the suspended players, still lost almost all of last season due to injury.

So in effect he’s coming from a long way back, maybe even further than the suspended players who all trained last year whilst he was in rehab for his injury.

Since his slow start to the year, he has been one of our most consistent performers this year. His past two weeks have been pretty ■■■■■■ good.

I’d almost have him knocking on the door of the top five in the Crichton, or most definitely in the top ten.

He was excellent today with the countless amount of times that he put his body on the line in the back half. His use of the ball has been very clean too this year.

Have been loving how Bags has come back this year.

He is far from cooked imo.


Worsfold would love Bags. Is like Henry Slattery but can play.


I had forgotten his injury and the fact he would have been on rehab. Love the way he goes about it every week.


If every player had his hatred of the opposition we’d never lose a game, Flaming competitor.