#12 Mark Baguley


Or begley comes into the team and Tippa goes back.

A backline containing Tippa, McG and McKenna would be insane. :dizzy_face:


Or Begley plays back pocket.
There’s a thought - better overhead than Walla, and tackles with intent.

Not too worried though - Bags has another year in this form, and although doubts persist re McNiece and Morgan there’s a draft or two for us to go the now traditional mature age VFL back selection.


show some farking love.
100 games coming up for the hardnut


hardnuts he is - balls of steel.
Never afraid to run back with the flight, gets the role taking the cheekiest, most talented bastards each week and doesn’t point blaming fingers when he’s beaten, stepped up into a leadership role when called upon.
Been a great servant of the club in the shittiest of times.
Cheers Baggers, hope the boys get the 4 points for you


Still my favourite memory of Bags

Which was followed by one of the worst non-htb decisions ever, almost costing us the game fmd


He’s really improved. He literally looked cooked the first 6-8 weeks. Since that period, I reckon for the most part he’s been very good. Goes around again, he deserves it on current form but it’ll be a year by year thing with him now


Those who recall my empassioned defences of H Slatts and are aware of my fondness for Gleeson will understand why Bags one of my favourites.

Eat a giant bag of dicks, haters.


I think he was only bad 2 or 3 times at most in the first 6 or 8 weeks. Nowhere near as bad as people were suggesting


I’m really glad he’s got to 100 games. Great clubman, super honest and tough player. Hope he can grind out another few seasons.


Has been a ripping player for us, well done on getting to 100 games. We really need to find a replacement this drafting period.


Been solid except every time against Collingwood when Fasolo or Elliott make him look 2nd rate.


One of my favorite players. True Essendon man.


Not “Working Class”.


Every defender is my favourite player (even Paul Thomas). It’s just that some players (Bags) are more favourite than others.

Hope there’s a win for him this weekend.


Even defenders that end up playing forward… Hi Walla.


Yup. And Hooker who I have to begrudgingly like even though he’s a showboating forward now.


Body Bags. Congratulations on 100 games


He’s barely vfl level


Play him forward (Serious)


Been such a great small defender for us.

The days of stalls destroying us on a regular basis are gone with this guy around