#12 Mark Baguley


Love the chase downs by Bags. Has a massive ticker!


That tackle on Monfries that wasn’t rewarded with a free kick still makes my blood boil.



Great player. Fantastic mark for his size, very fast, doesn’t make many mistakes when he has the ball, and best of all he is absolutely fearless. You’d back him 1 on 1 against just about anyone.

Well done, Bags! Play a blinder and win b.o.g.


Totally and utterly cooked beyond belief.


Really? I thought that after the preseason matches and the first round or two, but would have said he’s been pretty good since. Everyone has a bad day of course.


Bags was garbage up until about Anzac Day

Since then, for the most part, he’s been pretty good imo


You can’t deny the guys heart and intent, I just feel his best is behind him. He can be undisciplined which is generally a sign of frustration.


He’s still got so life in him. Will never die wondering and still deserves a list spot - if he gets pushed out, all the better.


Another qualty Effort from Bags in the traditional “head bandaged back pocket” role.

Speaking of which have all our small and medium backs worn this retro outfit this year?
I’m pretty sure BJ, Gleeson, and Kelly have all donned the wounded samurai head gear at some stage this season, and I seem to recall McGrath having a go at it. Not sure about Conor?

Outstanding effort by our backs if they’ve all worn this traditional badge of honour in the one season.


This bloke needs a tap on the shoulder.

Serious passenger.




I don’t think hes done yet, but he needs to keep his feet more, falls over in when going for contested balls too much.


Did well to survive getting squashed in the 3rd. Thought he was actually rooted at the time.


Our tall backs had a pretty bad outing.
Our smaller backs did well.


You’re a seriously farked observer of football.


From The Age this morning:

“Elsewhere, Essendon have confirmed small defender Mark Baguley has joined former captain Brendon Goddard in triggering a games clause in 2017 to ensure he remains at the Bombers next season.”

Thought he was cooked early this year but had a strong second half to the year, so hopefully he can carry that form into next season.


Ah, good news.

Thanks for posting that, I was unaware he had triggered a clause.


Got better as the season progressed.


Very harshly judged by a few people. Like most returning players had difficulties but was very serviceable for a fair chunk.