#12 Mark Baguley


Still can’t see anyone who I’d be confident in filling Baguley’s shoes…bar McGrath the midfielder obviously.


Has balls this bloke.


It’s Blitz’s subtle insights, and spotting things ordinary people might not notice, that sets this Forum apart.


Looked in ripping nick on Saturday and looks set to be the lockdown small again this year.

Last season he came in underprepared due to a significant injury and performed admirably throughout the year. I expect we will see a better version this year.

Can’t have enough tough ■■■■■ in the team.


That’s all well and good, but how’s the tan coming along?


Anybody that leaves Bags out of their best 22 doesn’t know footy.

Yes, there is plenty of you.


The time comes for all of us at some stage…


I wouldn’t say he’s 100% a lock. There’s good argument for playing dea or mcneice over him. Bags will probably be given round 1 no doubt in my mind, but competition for spots is as healthy as it’s ever been


I love the way Baggers goes about it.

However, there are signs he has slowed a little bit and while he has a lot of attributes that make him best 22, Benny just has to match him on speed and agility and it will be a close run selection. After the AFLX and JLT games we will have a better handle on how they are both travelling.

Whoever gets the nod for Round 1 will be facing Eddie Betts.


So McGrath starts back?


Its not too bad, Eddie Betts is 31, but he is still a crafty little fella.


Obviously the plan is for McGrath to go on ball. But if small forwards keep carving us up then it’ll be hard to not throw McGrath back. Therefore, getting McGrath’s replacement sorted is very important.


The ‘slowing’ of Baguley is overplayed on here.

Got caught out one on one plenty of times last year due to poor turnovers coming out of defence.

And plenty of times Bags was last line of defence and managed to do his job well.

Still our best small option down there for defending now that McGrath is slated for midfield.


The key weapon that McNiece has that Baggers doesnt, is the ability to hit players 40+ metres away lace out like a laser. That attribute is a game breaker, especially when we are pressed up…


If it’s true that he’s had a much better pre-season than last year there is a possibility he’ll be better than last season.


All of Hurley, Goddard, McKenna and Saad can do that already.

We need reliable defenders as well.

MCNiece is still an unknown and needs to force Baguley out IMO


Benny needs to show he can match him on aggression, desperation and courage and it will be a closer run selection


Spot on.

Blitz complains about a lack of aggression and hardness in the side and Baguley brings that in spades.

Pound for pound probably the most courageous on our list.


Saad is a lock for Betts and has a good record against him.


You pretty much said that in the commentary on Saturday didn’t you Adrian?