#12 Mark Baguley


To be honest I thought he was in career best form after his very early season form slump. Thought he took his rebounding game up a notch whilst still being one of the best small defenders in the comp.

So important. Not confident we can replace him well enough once he calls a quits.


as a top up, i thought he handled himself well.


It’s not hard to trigger things in 2017.


He’d have been retained regardless of trigger clause. On the way out but still best 22 for another 12 months at least


Yep, I agree. I think he will get a couple of rests next year as they try to find someone to fill the role going forward.


I Agree I thought he was cooked too early on this year.

But with McGrath heading to the midfield, Kelly gone, McNeice injured
we really needed to keep him next year at least for depth. But he will probably still keep his spot in the 22. Have been happy with Gleesons improvement this year too.


You’re the only one that needs a tap on the shoulder.


Has this guy got a new contract?


See above - triggered a new deal for next year.


Baggers gets a highlights package!!


He’s a fkn champ.


Probably the most reliable player on the list. 100% all game, every game. Outstanding mark for his size. Truly quick with his hands and feet and most importantly his brain. There’s no one on our list I’d pick ahead of him. Or any other list for that matter.


The sort of player that idiots at the footy complain about when he is caught out in defence, by a midfeild turnover.


And strangely enough, you will often find the exact opposite comments about him in here.


He’s a ■■■■■■■ warrior.


Is constantly given insanely tough roles down back and gets flogged by nuffie supporters for it when it doesent go 100% right, regardless of the fact that he is one of the most reliable and underrated small defenders in the comp. i absolutely love this guy. ive probably said it like 10 times in this thread already, but it cant be said enough


Like the rest of the side he should improve next year if the midfield can stop turning it over through midfield.

Came back from a serious injury to have a very good season this year.


The courageous accolade gets bandied around in the AFL way too much for mine, but this guy never takes a backward step and always looks to allow his team mates time to position themselves better. Never gets the recognition he deserves from the commentators, but (most) Essendon fans know his value. Absolutely love him!


Gee that was a good watch. Who says the game has gone soft.

This YouTuber is having a spectacular offseason. Need to get him on blitz if he isn’t already


3rd highlight in, you’d think Hurls could have laid a shepherd!!