#12 Will Setterfield

One game I can see him being quite useful in is against Carlton. I’d bring him in, not because he used to play for them and it’s not the “bring them in to play a blinder against his old side” chestnut, but he could basically play a shutdown role on Cripps. Be the assigned tagger to him, have either Caldwell or Durham go at it with Walsh. If we can curb their influences, would go a long way towards beating those ■■■■■. FARK CARLTON!


Yep agree hardened bodies for the FC game makes sense. Geelong possibly as well

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The fact that they haven’t even mentioned him in the last couple of injury reports (along with the est return date not budging) suggests that they must be really struggling to find a way for him to turn a corner with his recovery. Each time they try to increase his loads he must be aggravating it. Doesn’t bode well. I’m sure it would create a fair bit of anxiety when you’re off contract and you’re trapped in rehab limbo.

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Wonder if Setters’ knee is the one that he did the ACL on back in 2018 pre-season. Not boding well if it doesn’t come good. He’s been out 6 weeks now and at least another 2-3 to go. Yep, bet he’s frustrated.

Need him for support in the backend of this season.
He’s ooc I think end of this year :dotted_line_face: