#12 Will Setterfield

This is probably the case and hes holding out for more money, but its worth having a crack at the very least to make Brisbane pay more

Right but using that cap space on a player that doesn’t actually move the needle is just more of the same from our list management.

We need to use that cap on positions we actually need


I think the last month shows we still need to add to our midfield depth. Setterfield being unreliable and a delist option + Shiel almost certainly gone means we need to add to it.

Hobbs may need make it the a full time inside mid we need and may always be a half forward / rotating mid option. Tsatas obviously has a long way to go. I really think we need to add one more mature mid at least. Maybe itll be Martin

The fact we’ve been linked (whether real or not) with Berry and Yeo makes me strongly believe Setterfield is on the nose…if by some miracle either nominate us we will likely be forking over a fair bit of cap space. I’m not convinced that’s the way to go but that’s why we’ve got Rosa, Vozzo and Scott making those calls!!

Yeah Yeo doesnt make much sense to me given his age and injury issues unless they seem to think we can contend for a flag in the next couple years

Let’s not write him off just yet, we don’t even know what the injury even is, outside that it is the same knee and it likely keeps him out for a while. He is a pretty handy player and was even playing well in a new position before he went down.

I reckon another big bodied clearance beast - prefer early bone who can go forward as well and kick goals - bit like a unicorn - LDU is the most obvious but doesn’t go forward - and we need a little more run on the outside - essentially upgrade Setterfield and Shiel

I would seriously get Parker for a couple of years - he has been durable - his injury this year was impact and he gives hardness in the middle and does kick goals

Injury report says await knee to settle, possibility for Eagles. They aren’t telling us the full story on this imo. There’s more going on with this than I reckon we’re being told. How long was he out for last time? What was the injury to the knee last Tim? Ie: Was it injured or just a knock last time too? I’m suspicious there’s a degenerative injury that keeps getting irritated with physical impact and a test is always ‘wait and see’. Like Drapers hip last year, right?!

■■■■ claming North have offerd a monster 3 year deal Yeo

Be funny if they miss out on another player :rofl:


I’m no Doctor but have had my share of knee injuries. To me the way it is strapped and the time out he had, it looks like a Medial knee injury. No way it’s just a knock.


I thought he might of done he ACL wasn’t he just running and collapsed without anyone around?

Put this guy out to pasture. He clearly has a chronic knee issue if he needs two months off and can’t withstand a knock.

He’s a chance to play against the Eagles.

I imagine that as soon as season ends, he’ll be booked in for an arthroscope. I guess the question is can he be nursed through the season without doing further damage?

I thought he played well on Sunday until the injury.

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He missed 8/9 weeks with a “knock” on the SCG turf. He’s made of tissue paper and has been for his whole career.

Nope … no way Parker will come down south to us
Even if we wanted him … he’s a nailed on Sydney Swan.

pass on Parker, he is finished at the swans.

Yet every time he plays he is among our top 10 players. He’s 26 and was one of our best on Sunday despite missing a lot of footy.
He walks into our 22 and his physicality is exactly what we don’t have enough of.


Recruit a better player. What a ridiculous notion to rely on an injury prone player at his third club to balance our side.

Jarrod Berry would be a far better option.