#13 Nik Cox

that’s because he’s lined up on another essendon player.

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But when he plays he’s a 110kg giant that can leap and sprint. The fact he his injury prone has little to do with his capabilities when fit.

I took a year off.
Was good.
It can be hard to observe the slow slide into kookiness in real time but when you give it a good gap, it really stands out.

The question is what you do with that observation. A sane person would just file it away and go “oh, that person’s gone a bit weird, I will try and remember not to get bothered by their more interesting points”.
Whereas I just argued with them a lot.


of all the people you could have chosen, you chose someone who doesn’t like arguing, interesting.


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That sounds like an argument is brewing.


Cough “bullshit” cough.

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injured again?

Appears so, weird it’s so quick after returning.