#15 Josh Green - delisted


I wouldn’t delist him if we have enough spots.
Purely because if we make finals next year and then one of our small forwards goes down, he’d be just the type of player to come in and kick 5.


i’d keep him on the list based on his goal celebrations alone. SWAG


Big game PLAYA


Would be very surprised if we kept.


I’m not sure why we’d delist. It doesn’t seem like we’re getting the big targets we wanted - Shiel, Gaff, Setterfield etc.

Why delist him just to bring in more fringe players?


He will be a decent pickup for another low placed team but not for us


We will delist him (more likely than not) because it doesn’t matter who coaches him, or whether he is playing AFL or magoos, no one can get him to play to the game plan. Which means the team is effectively one man short, other forwards have their own patterns etc disrupted, and midfielders are expecting targets for inbound balls to be somewhere and they are not.

His problem isn’t lack of talent, it’s greed.


Yeah I actually like him more than most around here and think he played a good part in some of our games last year, but have noticed that he sometimes pops up in places he shouldn’t be. A bit like midfielders who just go chasing possessions and throw the defensive pattern out of whack, they are just more of a problem than they are worth.

Although if we do delist him we better pick up another small forward, I don’t want us to go back to the time where we would get rid of someone in an area we had little depth (which is fine if the player is not up to it) but then wait 2-3 years before drafting someone to develop in that position (same with a McNeice and a back pocket).



Really? You’ve given up hope when the finals haven’t even started?


Yes. That way it’ll be a big surprise if we get one of those.

My expectations have been placed too high.


Mine too, but I’m going with it.


Entering Nino territory with trade period panic / hyperventilation before its even begun

We always keep our cards close to our chests. Really not a lot of point of publically doing otherwise.

Just take confidence in last years efforts. We will get something done.


I’m likely to exceed Nino if I’m being perfectly honest.


Never go full Nino


I know mids are our biggest target but it would be great if we went for Shai Bolton. He is rated internally at Richmond however behind a queue of smalls for opportunity. Contract talks on hold and having only played 2 games for the year. Perth boy however.


Higgins just went straight past him as can win his own footy. But certainly will be clubs keen to get his pace in.


Sounds like you are suggesting we sit tight and be confident ?




He’s a dikhed.