#15 Josh Green - delisted


As long as he can football.


More like, placed too soon. Look up the word ‘patience’ in the dictionary.


Reminds me of a little joke:

Prayer: “God grant me patience”
God : “Ok wait a second and I will get back to you.”






So last week wasn’t his last game?


I miss this guy



Sick of all the ra-ra about the guy in the picture.


Ahhh … very good Mr Noonan


Lover to the Russian queen?


I know this was Ross’s avatar, but would have suited you when you were a mod.


Full of ecstasy and fire


Both Tasmanian. Or have lived with Tasmanians.


Me likey.


No more seagull.


Max Gawn. To be honest I quite liked the little ginger nut.


Thought he did a solid job in 2018

Those foot injuries did him no favours in getting fit enough. And in modern game it seems we need players to be able to rotate through midfield at times.

Thanks Greeny

Hope he gets some VFL finals success

And hope we have some small fwds lined up for draft time. We’d want to if lose Green & Bags.


I will always remember that Sam Mitchell tackle.
Worth getting him just for that.


Will be missed.



Right call. But surely you just wait until after the VFL is done.

Why would he be motivated to put his head over the ball?

Unless we think he will now play better as he has to impress other clubs now for a new contract.