#15 Josh Green - delisted


Sits out the back far too often, and makes it too easy for his opponent for mark balls intended for Green.


I think he was quite a skilful player…born into the body of a cherub. It was quite unfair.


I’d reckon bags is safe for another year with this delisting


Not really that unfair when most of us didn’t get either of those attributes. At least he got 1.


Would still be on the list if he developed a defensive side to his game. Unfortunately for him he didn’t/couldn’t.


Why delist him on the eve of a Preliminary final?


Maybe he or his management asked the question and wanted a honest answer.

Edit: Also, it hinted in the club statement his bad run of injuries. His past two games he clearly looked hampered by a leg injury. He may have not been able to get up for the rest of the finals.


Or maybe (no really, not maybe) the delisting was actually a bit earlier and only announced now?


Worth the price of admission alone


Agree. Bags actually leads out towards the player with the ball. Plays tall when needed, manic pressure, sustained and repeat sprints, 5 years of defensive play at AFL level have helped him become a good small forward who can go down back and slot in seamlessly if required. But most of all he is robust and showed no sign of slowing down this year.

Good luck Greeny.


The right call IMO. Can’t have guys that have zero defensive capabilities, it’s just too much of a liability now


Beautiful set shot kick


Look at him. He’s fkn smiling.


I agree. It’s the defensive mindset that did him in. Also possibly a fitness issue.

Good shot for goal. Had a good 2017.


So what small forward are we drafting rookie or otherwise?


We have Begley and Bags and you can add Lav there for periods as well.



think we need another tasmanian on the list. our quota is getting low.


i still rate him. shame hes gone.

would be surprised if he doesent get picked up by one of the struggling clubs. would be a great get for nothing.


Disappointing i liked the corgie. I also thought he did work reasonably hard in trying to lay tackles just didn’t have the pace to catch the small defenders.


Does anyone know if his fitness levels were as bad as they looked? Every time I saw him, 15 minutes into the first after 2 sprints he legit looked fkd like he’d been playing for a whole game

I actually reckon he was nowhere quick as he looked. His legs pumped fast but seemed to go nowhere