#15 Josh Green - delisted




Based on history, he will end up on our rookie list.


Lonie, Hartung or benfti special?
Or does that mean Jake gets another year?

I’m a little surprised.
Not a lot, but a little.


Couldnt help but notice at the 3/4 time huddle of the vfl final on Saturday he looked so disengaged from the coaches address whilst everyone else was listening in intently.

Looked sore but made me wonder whether he’d already been given the tap on the shoulder.

Good luck to him in the future.


I’m actually a little disappointed. Last year when both Orazio and Walla were in the team, he looked dangerous.


If ‘modern football’ means the demise of the smart [email protected] seagulling forward pocket who does zero other than kick a goal or two a game then I’m not sure how much I like modern football.


Just quick enough for a small forward but really struggled with the fitness to sustain forward pressure. When he got tired he’d play lazy footy always looking for the cheapy out the back or give away free kicks.

Not happy or sad. It’s the right decision for our list at the moment


Kicked goals. I liked him.


As long as Collingwood exists, there will allways be seagulls.


I’m genuinely curious about his ‘replacement.’
It’s not like Toby Greenes grow on trees.


Baguley/Begley and hit draft

We may have a next gen academy small fwd IIRC


Our game passed him by. No future.


No, but athletes with questionable football skills do


With all due respect to Bags, and from me there’s ever so much, he’s quite old.

And there’s many words I’d use to describe Begley, but small is not one of them.

And would we really go after an 18 year-old small forward with pick 60 or whatever?

Like I said, genuinely curious.


You only have to watch the last 2 VFL finals to see haw dangerous he can be when the team is playing well. His role as a seagull goalsneak might be getting fazed out of the game but I think its still important & can massively impact games. Bags probably took his spot & gave more defensive side but I still believe Green would have been a very effective 6th forward. Call me old fashioned but I reckon dragging all your forwards outside the 50 is false economy & costs more goals than it creates so a lazy out the back forward like Green is more value than the stats might show. How many times have we be raped by similar players? If they go with Bags for the more rounded game I can understand but the talk was that he would be retired/delisted as well - hopefully not.


Thinking the same about Jerrett!


I wish him all the best but it’s the right decision. His best attribute was his flat out pace, but unfortunately he didn’t have a lot to go with it. I very much hope we recruit a player with the same pace and hopefully a few more tricks in the bag.


Brayden Rioli is that kid but he’s just that, a kid. I don’t think he’s draft eligible for another 2-3 years yet, @benfti would probably know for sure.

What the delisting of Green tells me is that we’re either comfortable with what we have or we have something else lined up. Could be both? Once he wasn’t selected late in the season when Fantasia got injured he was probably staring down the barrel. Two whipping boys down (Goddard & Green) who’s next? Looks like Myers will be blamed for EVERYTHING to go wrong in 2019 now :joy:


We started pushing McGrath fwd a little bit at end of year. Smith can do it easily as well

If we bring in a gun mid via trade shifting the deckchairs about with those guys who can also do big midfield minutes may happen.


Well there are 4 spots.