#15 Josh Green - delisted


Yep. Sounds like the particular foot bone has been equally weak in both feet.

Given that, . then you’d hope it’s just a matter of sorting that one out as well, and he’s good for the next 5-6 years … :crossed_fingers:


I thought in the replay it looked like the suns player stepped (accidentally) on his foot in the contest


Yeh i thought that was what happened too


If someone stepped on Fletcher’s foot he’d get done for tripping.


Seems highly likely a broken bone in his foot. If so, that will be it for him this year even if someone shot the best players from all of the other finalists allowing us to make the GF.


Coping injuries on the eve of finals sux balls i fear we will be just making up the numbers and have a quick exit.


As expected requires surgery. His year is over.




Poor bloke


Thats sucks.

Greeny has been awesome for us this year. All the best Josh. Get fixed and fit for a bigger year next year.


Jones fracture is not good. It’s almost always a lengthy layoff with carefully managed rehab because there a high rate of malunion. The blood supply is not great in that region of bone.

It’s a similar Ortho category to Hurley’s scaphoid injury from a few years ago.

Edit. I had to brush up on mechanism and it’s described as lateral force on midfoot with plantar flexion of the ankle joint. Went back and looked at vision and you can spot exactly this mechanism right before he pulls up. So innocuous!!!


BleedR_B now tagged as our resident in house Doc!

Thoughts on Fantasia Doc? Could he make it back for week 1 of Finals ( if we make them)?


Haha Doc, I’m not that silly. I’m a radiographer so I know fractures their mechanisms and a little about prognosis for common and significant fracture types which I’ve picked up from Ortho surgeons. Hammy I have next to nfi. Need a resident physio.


oh come on. just say you predict 5 goals in the Elim ( if we make it. I have to always add this. ) :wink:


Is that wada compliant?


Eastie used to be our injury recovery bloke.


Big loss. Has been very dangerous this year aside from his goalkicking so at least he’s doing the main thing, actually winning those opportunities on goal. Goal kicking was a huge strength for him at Brisbane and even preseason this year so I expect him to fix this with more ‘big-crowd’ experience.

Hopefully he can still get a decent preseason with his injury because our 3-pronged small forward setup is a real weapon for us.


I wonder whether any contract negotiations were underway…and if so, whether one side was taking it more leisurely than the other…and now this happens. Awkward.


I would think if it’s really a 10-12 week injury like they’re saying then it will have little impact.
Won’t miss much of the pre-season


The fact that he’s done this a second time is a worry for the rest of his career.