#15 Josh Green - delisted


I was under the impression it was the other foot?


I think it’s the same one but I could be wrong


Other foot in the reports. Same issue different foot.


Ok, thanks. I think that’s probably better if the other foot has been able to remain stable.


Just watching some of our best wins and this guy featured in them. Not necessarily kicking goals , but the run, and the clean hands below his knees just seemed to give us an edge that other teams could not cover…

The blot on his year was the injuries, but also his inaccuracy. At Brisbane he averaged an 68% accuracy over 5 years, at Essendon he averaged 44%.

Needs to get back to 65%+ and play 22 games and he could kick around 35 goals.

But enter Stringer. and its a whole new ball game up forward.


Fair assessment.

It is an indication of what an amazing year the forwardline had when Green might not hold his spot in the Best 22 having kicked a goal a game average.

He’ll have to continue to work hard. However the odds are in his favour, as history says Essendon is a more balanced side with a Ranga small forward.


I like him. Very unlucky with the foot injury, a solid preaseason would have a massive impact on his game I’d suggest. I don’t think he has ever had one which is incredibly unlucky. I’d be offering him a two year contract.


You know how we need lots more midfielders? Well the advantage of a fit a firing Green (and getting Stringer) is that we can move both Tippa and Fanta to the midfield.


Saw him tonight. Still walking around in a moon-boot.


Still? I didn’t even think it was that bad!


Just checked the medical literature. Approx. 3 months before bone fully unites, so guessing 4-5 months to regain full fitness i.e. ready to go in Jan 2017.


Thats not long enough up against it imo


Should that read 2018

Coz Jan 2017 has already come and gone. :slight_smile:


If we get Stringer I don’t think Green gets a game.

If we get Stringer and Smith I don’t think Green gets a contract


Green would get a contact regardless. Don’t see a reason at all to be into Smith, we are full of medium / small forwards and full of tiny midfielders. We haven’t shown an interest till very late and I’d say it’s simply to keep Carlton and Geelong honest.


Smith? Devon Smith? Isn’t he going to Geelong?


Toured our facilities last week. So fair to say we are at least making a play.


Why if we get Stringer does it put pressure on Green? They do not play the same role at all, it puts pressure on Laverde, Begley and Langford (if he plays forward) same goes for Francis.

We need small forwards that pressure and have a goal sense. A huge part of our success was the combination of raz, tippa and green.


Raz +Tippa+ Green= 96 goals

Butler + Castangna+Rioli=81 goals


It’s a bit more drastic that that.

EFC 1.60 goals/player/game
RFC 1.11

But it’s hardly news that Richmond’s forward line sucks.