#15 Josh Green - delisted


Raz +Tippa+ Green= 0 premierships

Butler + Castangna+Rioli= 1 premiership


I don’t think so.

If Stringer is playing 70/30 mid/fwd our effective fwd structure of 3 smalls & 3 talls won’t be changing.

Fwd pressure is all important

Stringer will just be taking one of inside mid spots and likely go fwd when one of our talls on bench/JD in ruck. And Smith also wanting midfield time so likely to push Colyer out of team on wing IMO


Well that’s inappropriate…


Certainly Richmond’s combination may have changed opinions but the reason I would say Green is in trouble is he can’t midfield.

All of the players he is competing with can.

Also, I think you need a minimum number of pure mids. Looking at 2018 best 22. There are not many pure mids who can play there all day. I only count zaka, Help, Zerret and Parish. I don’t count McGrath yet. I love the Langford but you can’t lock him in either.

So that’s only 4… So all other players will need to run through there. Not convinced Green can.

A fwd line rotation containing stringer, Orazio, Smith, Walla with possibly Lav or Begley is loads of options.

But that’s a lot of IFs and you may be right. Time will tell…


There’s not much love for Green on these boards and he doesn’t feature in many ‘best 22’ teams.

However, he’s our best defensive forward with 1.8 I50 tackles a game (vs 1.6 for Tippa, 1.2 for Smith and 0.9 for Fanta) and his output is only slightly behind our other small forwards with 2.2 scoring shots, 0.5 goal assists and 5.0 score involvements per game (vs 2.2/0.6/5.5 for Tippa, 1.8/0.6/5.9 for Smith and 3.1/0.9/6.6 for Fanta). And, his age is quite good @ 25 (vs 24 for Tippa and Smith).

His main drawback is that he’s not very flexible as he can’t rotate thru the midfield.

If we go for a three smalls forward structure maybe there’s still a spot for him as permanent defensive forward with one of Tippa, Fanta or Smith rotating thru the midfield at all times???


Yep, those three have all been earmarked for more midfield time so Green still has a spot.


Quality post @Jamac


It disadvantaging the team having TIPPA or Raz in a fwd pocket because their creativity when pushing upfield so important.

Green is good at being a fwd pocket and if he had of converted better this year would be in peoples best 22’s IMO. We need the 3 amigos pressuring up forward around the 3 talls.

Smith will be in the midfield rotations not playing as a fwd.

He will get a contract for sure

But no guarantees he makes it back for start of season with his foot and will probably take a while to get going in 2018


I don’t see him best 22 next year


Arguable this is a drawback at all.


Trend to agree. Fanta, tippa, Smith, Begley and stringer can ask do what green does but are more flexible.

That said he’ll be first in line and probably should have kicked a few more this year


I think he is best 22, he is a pure forward and would normally have a much better conversion rate than what he did in 2017
I think he’ll get a new contract and will play most if not all games when he is available


No one saw him as best 22 this year either, but our forward line always looked far more dangerous when he was there than when he was out. A sneaky little turd who tackles and loves a shot at goal, can’t ask for much more in a small forward.


Hopefully Smith and Fantasia move more into the midfield so green and tippa can stay forward. The advantage of hooker forward is that he rarely will be out pointed in a marking contest so if he doesn’t clunk it he will bring it to ground which is where we need green and tippa.


For some reason we look a bit more dangerous when he’s playing and yet he doesn’t tend to do much and doesn’t even finish that well.


played 17 games and had 17 goals while being very unselfish, laying tackles and constantly applying pressure on the opposition. he works his @ss off and doesn’t stop running. and he did that all this year with a limited preseason.


It is his goalkicking accuracy that dampened his season.

Most of his early seasons he was kicking 2 goals to every 1 behind. The last couple of years though that ledger has swung the wrong way. Kicked 17.21 this year. If that was 25.13 return from his 17 games, then it looks a much better year.

It is his ■■■■■■ foot that I’m concerned about.


I hope we get to play our (evolving) Best 22 for all 25 games next year.

But since we won’t… he’s a chance.


Behind the 8 ball big time with his injury.
Will get limited preseason again so will be amazed if he starts the year in the 1’s.

But half way through the year, will be great depth.

We forget that when you’re a top4 side, there are good players in the 2’s lol!!!


One mistake that was made in our setup it was to leave him in F50, forward of the footy too often in the second half of the year. Green was all too often outmarked when they bombed it in long. They would have been better kicking grubbers into him or kicking the ball short, so that he could run on to it.

Maybe his feet were already giving him trouble at that point so they limited his running. In the first half of the season he was very much one of the running mosquito fleet that chopped up a lot of sides.