#15 Josh Green - delisted


that happened alot this year with Tippa and Green. they always would have a tall defender guarding the zone and would outmark them easily. The only guy that could handle it is Raz and thats only because… well im not sure how he does it. hes a freak.


DIdn’t they say with Green’s injury that he’d be running in about 12 weeks? Which should be mid to late November. If so, he should get a better pre-season than last year


cant remember the details, but he walked into the club still having foot issues. he missed a decent block of training from memory


He’s had the same injury before. It’s a bit of a worry.


Different foot this time though


I like Josh. Applies great pressure and tackling, kicks opportunistic goals. Ideally he could’ve been more accurate in front of the sticks but a lot of his misses seemed unlucky. As Rocky said I thought we functioned a heck of a lot better when he was in the team. I’m no list management guru but I’m a bit surprised he hasn’t re-signed yet. He starts on the bench in my 22.


Couldn’t get a touch in the final vs Sydney


I thought he was a bit selfish going for goals when a pass or centering kick was a better option. I reckon his inaccuracy was in part due to going for goals that weren’t on.


I 100% thought (and still think) he’s best 22. Kicks goals, applies pressure, releases Fanta to the midfield.


tbf the whole team was like that.


Kicked three on anzac day to help sink the filth by that exact margin, for the first time in four years. Worth another year alone lol


There is no way he is not getting at least another year. Jackson Merrett is still on our list FFS.

I love what he brings to the team.


Fantasia will still spend 75% plus of his time up forward. If he doesn’t, we’re wasting a massive talent when we’ve got other players to do it.

Not many players spend 100% of their time

I think I’d prefer to have the Fridge spend a fair whack of his time in the forward line.


I don’t, I remember a lot of misses from sub 30m on minimal angle. Goals he’s swallowed over his career.


True. I also remember him turning his back on goal when players were open in the square and some shots from improbable positions when a handball or kick was a better option. He’s pretty hungry, but I don’t think that is a bad thing. When he had a goal drought he got too hungry for a while there and stopped doing the team things that were working for him early.


I think Green will be a good barometer for how our forward line is travelling. I think if he’s getting games we either have a lot of injuries or poor form.
He definitely deserves a contract. I just think he’s poor above his head, misses easy shots and can’t really play any other positions.


Green did get runs through the middle this year, and in past years with Brisbane. He was an under 18 all-Australian as a mid.


His legs have shrunk since that time


Green is extremely under-rated here on BB.

Reckon he’s an important component for a dangerous, functional forward-line.


Could be a congenital weakness in both feet, which would be a worry. He might start off as best 22, but unless he hits the scoreboard on a regular basis, l expect others to take his place by mid season. It comes down to how the team lines up in 2018. His main competition for a spot will come from Stringer, Smith and Begley, even though they are not like for like replacements. The three other players mentioned here, also have the advantage of being able to go into the mid field rotations.

He fully deserves another contract, but he is no walk up start.