#15 Josh Green - delisted


We went through 2017 with only 3 speedy high pressure small forwards. Whenever one of them was injured, our forward structure suffered. Even if he doesn’t make the round 1 best 22, odds are that he will get a lot of games throughout the year. No team can sustain their true best 22 all year, which is why having guys like Green is gold.


No way do I want Ras spending the majority of his time anywhere but up forward. The guy is a legit superstar up forward. Been the small forward we have been waiting a long long time for. He stays up front with small cameos in the middle


Green would have been a walk up start in our best 22 for the last 15 years. Hell, he might have even given Moorcroft a run for his money in the 2000 era.

Has literally picked the worst possible time to be a small forward at Essendon, in our modern history.


He has been saying he wants to be play more midfield.


Providing he is fit, he’s in the best 26. That’s good enough for me.


This Greens heat map for the season that clearly highlights how much work he does further up the ground.

It clearly shows that there is no such thing as a stay at home small forward. He had a very underrated season. Just needs to finish off around goal a bit better.


I actually thought Green was a bit fumbly and missed too many gettable shots. Assuming that he doesn’t clean that up I don’t think he’s best 22. No doubt we’ll have injuries so he’s good quality depth.


Could you put up Walla and Fantasia’s heat maps for comparison?






I actually think Green has very clean hands. I was impressed with his decision making and execution under pressure. I didn’t realise that he had played much midfield in juniors but it shows.

When working up on the wings I thought his link up play was very sharp.


Green was part of the Fantasia and Tippa rotation that saw of them start at the back of the square at centre bounces so he and the other two would always get some midfield time.


I thought Green did a reasonable job this year as a crumbing/defensive forward. I was surprised that he only has 17 goals to his name this year. My only criticism this year has been the amount of times he was flying for contested marks against multiple opponents. Even then , that is something that could be put down to delivery of the ball inside 50 rather than Greens issue. I suppose he is a player that has had to watch his fitness. That was why he fell out of favor in Brisbane.

He would have to be stiff not get his contract renewed. Was walk in part of the starting 18 all year.


If Tippa and Fantasia weren’t so damn good, Green would be a pretty important cog in the team.

We all lost abit of confidence in Green, with easy misses on goal. After he was slotting goals from everywhere early in the season.

In 2017, you can’t get 8 possessions a game & 1 goal 3 behinds and expect people to be happy with that out put. Especially when someone could replace him who can play a bigger midfield role.


A victim of the Essendon effect.


If he hadn’t come from the bears before EFC everyone here would love him


Green is no. 15, not 32.


Not in my best 22


What’s happening with Green for next year? No news on the contract front, and now the only out of contract player.
Has his foot injury been worse than first thought?


I haven’t seen any contract updates on Baguley either.

I’m guessing they just get done without the fanfare.