#15 Josh Green - delisted


Baguley was automatically triggered by a new deal based on the this year apparantley


Wondering if Green had a trigger clause for his contract too?


That’s my thought as well, surly they would have announced something either way by now.


Yeah, I just assumed they would announce he’s “back in”.

As Nick_93 has said, maybe Green has a trigger clause also.


Green had a trigger but no idea what the actual requirements were.

He’d have to get another year surely, I’ll be p’d off if not


Exactly. Would’ve thought his spot on the list was more a sure thing than any of today’s announcements



If you happen to read this… I just wonder if you could find out for us Josh Green fans what his contract status is. Nobody seems to know for sure.

All I really need to know is when he is contracted until.

Thanks heaps.


He is on tour in America with the rest of the boys, so assume he must have a contract.

Ambrose, Longy, Green, Marty, Langford, Laverede


I’d be disappointed if Green isn’t re-signed, i thought he was good this season and offers a lot more than some of the other guys.




If he doesn’t get another year now we’ve given one to Jerrett I will spew right up


Hey Sam - I’m not aware of any contract extension outside his initial 1 year deal, sorry.

Doesn’t mean the list management team aren’t working in the background though.


Yep, it’s an interesting one. We shall continue to wildly speculate and wait.

Thanks for the response, it’s greatly appreciated.


Green did play midfield at times. He was actually alright in there vs Carlton in round 21 (I think it was), got the ball moving forward a few times.

He isn’t as natural at it as Raz, Tippa, Stringer or Smith but he can do it in short bursts.


Green was influential in a few of our big wins we missed his harassing and chasing when he got injured.

Gets another year.


i think his output was a little over rated on here. He was okay for the most part, and pretty good a couple of times. I hope he’s given another contract, it’d be one hell of a joke if he didn’t considering some of the guys we’ve retained


Needs to get his accuracy back. He is an opportunist, rather than a 1/1 ball winner and needs to take his chances.


I would think he would be offered another contract unless the injury is a lot worse than originally expected and that is what is holding it up, a medical assessment. We need depth in this area so adding Smith is excellent but we saw what happened when Fanta and Green went down last year. We might mix up the structure this year and i suspect Tippa and Fanta will float through the middle more because of Smith and Stringer coming in but I think Green still is very valuable in the core group of 30 it takes too win a premiership.


I’d easily offer Green a 2 year deal, even if he was out the whole year with a foot injury. Was best 22 every time he was fit.


The difference between Green and everyone else that we’ve let go (and even some of the ones we’ve retained) is that he appeared to be a walk up start to the seniors. He played round 1 and AFAIK only went out of the team via injury. He wasn’t dropped this year was he?

Obviously there is additional competition for spots up forward with the arrival of Stringer and in particular Smith, still it would be strange to let go of a 25 year old that appeared to be in the coaches best 22 all year.